Freshers Graduate Interview Preparation Guide
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Freshers Graduate job test questions and answers guide. The one who provides the best answers with a perfect presentation is the one who wins the job hunting race. Learn Fresh Graduate and get preparation for the new job

25 Fresh Graduate Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me about yourself?

This is perhaps the most common question of any interview, and it needs to be answered carefully. When the interviewer asks this question, make sure that you showcase your skills, passion, and fitness with their organization.
Also, this is often the first question of an interview, so practice an answer that would best show how you are the perfect person for the job.

2 :: What would you contribute to this organization?

The basis of this question is to test whether you are a good fit for their organization. Showing your strengths and how you can make the company better using your skills should be the focus of your answer.

3 :: Tell me why don't you walk me through your resume?

In walking through your resume, focus on your skills and what you can do for your company. Avoid giving unnecessary details, as you want the interviewer only to remember that you are the right person for the job.

4 :: Tell me what you do during your free time?

Any employer wants to know if his or her would-be employee is a good fit for the job. The interviewer wants to know how you are outside of work, whether you keep yourself healthy, whether you stay busy with productive activities, and so on.

5 :: How to present yourself during the interview?

When it's interview time, be sure to do all the necessary preparation, and as soon as you see the interviewer, brace yourself, breathe, come forward with confidence, offer your hand for a handshake and introduce yourself.

6 :: Tell me what is your favorite campaign out right now and why?

It is an open question that seeks to understand what kind of advertising you like and it is also testing your knowledge of contemporary advertising. The best way to answer is to choose a campaign that is interesting and one that you know a lot about. It would also be helpful if you do genuinely like the campaign as this will allow you to speak passionately about it. Prior to an interview spend time researching campaigns which the company have been involved in recently that you admire, but don't be afraid to praise their competitors work as long as you explain WHY it was successful.

7 :: Why you want to work for us?

They want to know if you are passionate about the job and if this is the job that you want to do, and not what you need to do.

8 :: Describe the assets needed for someone to be a huge success in this field? Why you think you can demonstrate these assets?

A good approach would be to name an asset, say why it is important and then explain how you meet it, if possible using an example. 2-3 criteria should suffice depending on how much detail you go into. Tailor your chosen criteria to yourself so you can give the best examples. Typical criteria could be creative, resourceful, imaginative, flexible, dynamic, visionary, organised.

9 :: Suppose if one day you realize that the field of advertising has become a neglected and forgotten area, what would be your next ideal field to jump to?

Start by saying why advertising will never become neglected or forgotten, by stating how important it is, and the importance of its continual evolution and innovation. Then ponder why advertising may become neglected e.g. could products and services become the same in the future? Now suggest what alternative fields you might consider, perhaps highlighting a creative side, but never stray too far from advertising or your commitment to this field may be questioned.

10 :: How you convey technical information to someone of more or less technical ability?

With this question the interviewer will be looking for confidence and clear communication in your answer. Remain composed, concise and precise in your answer, and demonstrate your ability to digest information. Your example could be anything, for instance, one candidate used the example of showing a foreign language student how to use an oyster card. They broke it down into each stage fully explaining not only how but why each action needed to be carried out. The interviewer will be looking for someone that can digest a process in this way, as well as someone who is very patient and adaptable in their method of communication.