Technology Skills Interview Preparation Guide
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Technology Skills Interview Questions and Answers will guide you about the learning of new technology needs, because each interviewee ask about the technology skills and judge the ability to pick new technology so this Technology Skills Interview section will help you to get preparation for a successful job interview so learn Technology Skills with the help of this Technology Skills Interview Questions with Answers guide

28 Technology Skills Questions and Answers:

1 :: Have you ever used software to make a work related presentation?

Applicant should have experience of making presentation and of using PowerPoint.

2 :: What is your level of experience with software used in your job? What resources do you use when faced with a PC problem?

Candidate should be able, and prepared, to communicate a difficulty to colleagues. They should be aware of online and software resources, such as Microsoft help and support, to overcome difficulties.

3 :: Could your work performance be improved by incorporating new technical knowledge and developments?

Job seeker should push for new technical training and to implement this new knowledge into work practices.

4 :: How computer literate are you, and which software programs are you familiar with?

Knowledge of software should include word processing, presentation software, database and spreadsheet programs, and industry specific software

5 :: Give me an example of an assignment, which you have recently worked on, that involved the learning of a new technical development?

Applicant should not show resistance, but a willingness to learn. They should want to understand and implement new knowledge.

7 :: Tell me about a time when it was necessary for you to communicate technical information, clearly, to an audience?

Applicant should appear to keep current with current technological advancements and they should be able communicate that information succinctly and clearly.

8 :: What are your achievement and goal in your life?

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9 :: Which decade was the SPICE simulator introduced?

SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) was introduced in May 1972 by the University of Berkeley, California.

10 :: What most common format for a home video recorder is VHS. VHS stands for?

Video Home System.
JVC (Japan Victor Corporation) and Matsushita (Panasonic) developed the VHS format to compete with Sony which developed the Beta format as the first home video cassette recorder. VHS originally stood for Vertical Helical Scan, but now means Video Home System.