Exit Interview Preparation Guide
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Exit Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that Companies have exit interviews to determine why an employee is leaving the company. So learn how to deal with Exit Interview questions with the help of this Exit Interview Questions with Answers guide

27 Exit Questions and Answers:

1 :: This questionnaire is also important for the employee to answer?

This questionnaire is also important for the employee to answer because it ascertains the belief with which he is leaving the company and thereby providing valuable information to the company which can help future employees.

2 :: Leaving a company has a strong answer and a reason?

Leaving a company has a strong answer and a reason, thought should be given in all available aspects before taking that decision.

3 :: What is the chief and primary reason which made you to take this decision?

This question is very common and you need to have an answer for this. Be very honest while answering this question and also maintain a tone which is pleasant. Air your thoughts but don’t undermine the company structure as a whole because it can have negative effect upon you.

4 :: Is there anything we can do about it? Will you change plans?

When your employer asks you this question it is imperative that he wants you to sit and discuss some issues concerned with your employment. If the employer can help you then it is up to you to take the next stage of decision. Changing plans depend upon you and your thought process.

5 :: What aspect of the job you liked most?

You can express comfortably on this question as many of us have some positive aspect of the work place if there is nothing like that feel free to express about that.

6 :: Suggest some changes which can improve the workplace?

Make sure that you suggest them because companies can improve on that aspect and you might be rewarded for that suggestion because it improved the workplace. Your suggestion should be reasonable which can be implemented.

7 :: Explain about the least satisfying aspect of the job?

This question asks you to explain about the least satisfying aspect of the job in the workplace. Dissatisfaction can be during your project, lower position and pay for your capabilities, promotion, bossing, benefits, work load, etc. Make sure you state a honest reply because it can make you and your employer happy.

8 :: How can the management help you in solving that particular problem?

If you are having a problem which can be solved by the management then do air them your opinion. It can really change the things around you and if they cannot help it then do suggest them who can help change it.

9 :: Did you receive enough training which can be translated into quality work?

This question should be answered appropriately because they can have adequate training procedures in future. Training need not be only for fresher`s it can be for employers also.

10 :: Would you recommend this company to your friends and family members in future?

Honesty is the best policy and it has been tested and proven for many centuries so it is always good to be honest.