Behavioral Interview Preparation Guide
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Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that Behavior or behavior refers to the actions or reactions of a job seeker or organism, usually in relation to the environment of interviewing place. Behavior can be conscious or subconscious, overt or covert, and voluntary or involuntary. So how to control or Behave while conducting interview this Behavioral Interview Questions with Answers will guide you

28 Behavioral Questions and Answers:

1 :: These questions determine your past behavior which would be a future indicator of employee behavior. Always remember “STAR” which is?

S: -Situational or Task which you were present in.
A: -Action that you had taken
R: -Result of that action

2 :: There would be questions on wide range of topics such as:-

There would be questions on wide range of topics such as adaptability, ambition, analytical thinking, relationship building, thinking, communication, etc. Always remember behavioral questions do need a little bit of thinking while answering to them. Make sure that you think and answer to those questions, it is always good to pause and think about them rather than giving a wrong answer in haste.

Most of the questions would be based on your previous jobs and concerned with real life time experience. If you are a fresher questions would be the same which ask you to be in their shoes while answering them.

3 :: Describe about a situation in which you had to convince your superiors about a proposal and to follow your vision?

While answering this question don’t take any negative or positive stance about your vision. Explain to him how your way of thinking benefited the organization and aided in completion of the project in time.

4 :: Explain to us about a situation in which you had to fire your friend?

When answering this question explain to him the situation or circumstances in which you had to fire your friend. As an employee of an organization your prime goal is to do just to the company and anything which can harm the development of the organization cannot be tolerated.

5 :: What was the last goal you reached and how you achieved it?

Give a brief intro about how you achieved the goal and also state to him about all the difficulties you faced during the process. Give solution to each and every difficulty you faced which will convince the interviewer much more.

6 :: What were the changes you brought into your company which were absolutely dynamic for the progress of the company?

Give a brief introduction about all the changes you brought to the company and pick the one which is absolutely dynamic in nature. This question is very important as it can be in the record of your previous company and it will also be in the record of your current employer.

7 :: If you are assigned work which is very huge, how do you get it done?

If the work is huge the best way to get it done is to share it among the team leaders and members. First you would explain to the manager about the project size and then share it among your batch members for better efficiency. Answer this question in your own way and style of doing work.

8 :: Give me an example where you had to use logic and judgment for completion of the work?

If you have used logic and judgment in solving a particular problem then explain it to him otherwise politely say that you never faced it and explain him about the possible ways you would have approached at the logic (brain storming, decision making, etc).

9 :: Give us a specific example when you had to deal with an angry customer. Explain us about the problem, situation and how you dealt with him?

When answering these types of questions you need to specify a real life example about the situation you faced if you hadn’t faced such type of situation explain to him how you can deal with an angry customer. It would be an added situation to explain about the possible scenarios.

10 :: A customer is using a product of the rival company how would you convince him to use a product of our own enterprise?

Always remember while answering this question you need to be careful about addressing points, don’t move into the negative side because it can give out negative vibes. Explain to him about the advantages and disadvantages about the product.