Candidate Selection Criteria Interview Preparation Guide
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Candidate Selection Criteria related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in all professional fields. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

29 Candidate Selection Criteria Questions and Answers:

1 :: Please define candidate selection criteria?

Your first task when planning to fill a vacancy is to identify and define the criteria you will use to assess and evaluate potential candidates. This approach allows you to avoid common selection problems, consistently evaluate each candidate and be in a better position to hire strong performers.

2 :: What is the job requirement?

You have to make a table jotting down all these aspects in a single file. Some of the aspects that should come out are:
☛ What type of employee would better fit your organization?
☛ What are the skills that your organization is looking for?

3 :: What to do with the resumes in candidate selection criteria?

Once this is done, you should begin to take in the resumes and file them. You should then look into the resumes and decide which ones are viable for your company.

4 :: What is the interview time in candidate selection criteria?

The next process would be to call the individuals and set up an interview time. Make sure that you place your interviews in such a way that you have ample time to speak and know the interviewee as much as you might want to know.

5 :: What is candidates list?

After you have the information in place, make a list of all the individuals who are supposed to come for the interview, making a note of the times that they would be coming in, along with the questions that you are supposed to ask them. This goes a long way in helping you picture the candidate, long after the candidate is gone, and would help you in remembering any intricacy of the interview.

6 :: List some tasks which are done before interviewing in candidate selection criteria?

Below are the few tasks before the interviewing process in candidate's selection:
☛ The job requirements
☛ The resumes
☛ The interview time
☛ Candidates list
☛ Confirm the timings

7 :: What does the professional past of the candidate mean?

While interviewing the individual, first make sure that you find out about the professional past of the person. Try to find out the interviewee's first job and other relevant details about his or her professional and personal life. You also want to verify his or her qualifications, education, courses and lessons.

8 :: When do you confirm the timings for interviews in candidate selection criteria?

When it comes to the interview itself, make sure that you confirm the timings with the person who is appearing for the interview. Once a mutual timing is decided on, make sure that you get a confirmation via email before you make arrangements for the interview.

9 :: Tell me about the technical aspects - professional skills asked by the interviewer?

While the interview is going on, you should try to understand the personal traits as well as the attitude of the individual towards the job as well as their profession. Also, try to gauge how serious he is about the job.

10 :: What does the balance mean in interviewing a candidate?

You should also check whether the interviewee is able to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives.