Visa Interview Preparation Guide
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Visa Interview Questions and Answers Guide us how to participate in Visa interview in any embassy. Learn the basic and advance techniques of giving better answer or ask answer while asking or giving question or answer in a VISA by our student, family, work or permanent residency Visa Interview Questions and Answers Guide.

18 Visa Questions and Answers:

2 :: Do you need interpreter ?

No Thanks

3 :: Why did you choose this institute and how did you find about it ?

The institute is providing one of the best courses in UK and its fee is reasonable, complete study atmosphere and specially its staff that is highly qualified. After surfing the net and consult with different consultants I chose this college for my studies.

4 :: Why did you select this course ? Is it relevant to your previous studies ?

This course will lead me towards the best opportunities of my life I mean to achieve my goals in life. Yes this course is exactly related to my previous studies.

5 :: Why did you select UK for higher studies ? Is not this course offered by any University or college in your country?

UK education system is one of the best across the globe. UK education system has high influence in our education system. We are far behind in research and advancement in any field of life especially in education. Second we find complete study atmosphere in UK, which is not available in your country.

7 :: What if you get a UK degree here, would you like to go to UK again for higher Studies ?

Even then I will go to UK because of standard of education and complete study atmosphere.

8 :: What course are you going for ?

Explain your major courses.

9 :: What is the scope of your course ?

The course I chose will open new horizons for me and there are high job prospects in multinational firms at local and international level.

10 :: Why are you taking this course ?

Because this course is exactly related to my previous studies/Experience