Illegal Interview Preparation Guide
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Illegal Interview Questions and Answers will guide you that how to avoid the Illegal questions and how to face illegal asked Interview Questions with the help of this Illegal Interview Questions with Answers guide

26 Illegal Questions and Answers:

1 :: Employers should not ask about any of the following, because to not hire a candidate because of any one of them is discriminatory:

► Race
► Color
► Sex
► Religion
► National origin
► Birthplace
► Age
► Disability
► Marital/family status

2 :: Avoid Before You File a Claim.

Before you file a claim for discrimination, you might want to consider that most discrimination is not deliberate. In many cases, the interviewer may simply be ignorant of the law. Even though the interviewer may have ask an illegal question it doesn't necessarily mean that the intent was to discriminate or that a crime has been committed.

3 :: Illegal questions generally fall into 4 categories:

1. Disabilities & Physical Skills
2. Personal Background
3. Race, Creed, or Color
4. Family & Relationship Items

4 :: 10 Sample Illegal Questions:

1. How tall are you?
2. Are you a US Citizen?
3. How old are you?
4. Are you really a man?
5. Are you Chinese or Japanese?
6. What religion are you?
7. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?
8. Have you ever been arrested?
9. Are you married?
10. How many children do you have?


First and foremost, avoid reacting in a hostile fashion - remember that you can always decide later to decline the job offer. Your goal during the interview is to try and get the job offer.

Response 1:
Go ahead and answer the question. If you don’t feel uncomfortable and you think your answer is in your favor, why worry? Go ahead and answer the question and make no mention that you think its improper or illegal. Just remember that you run the risk of harming your candidacy if you give an answer not favorable to what the interviewer has in mind.

Response 2:
Refuse to answer the question. You are within your rights but in a delicate and sensitive area with regards to the potential job offer. You can say politely that you don’t feel comfortable answering the question and ask to move on. You may even want to mention to the interviewer that the question is illegal and doesn’t pertain to the job. The key here is to be as tactful as possible. But keep in mind, you may come across as confrontational or not a "team player" in the eyes of the interviewer.

6 :: Example of Illegal Questions:

► Are you married or do you have a permanent partner?
► With whom do you live?
► How many children do you have?
► Are you pregnant?
► Do you expect to become have a family? When?
► How many children will you have?
► What are your child care arrangements?

7 :: Example of Personal Illegal Questions:

► How tall are you?
► How much do you weigh?
(Questions about height and weight are always illegal unless it can be proven that there are minimum requirements to do the job.)

Possible Legal Alternative:
► Are you able to lift a 50-pound weight and carry it 100 yards, as that is part of the job?

8 :: Example of Illegal Disabilities Questions:

► Do you have any disabilities?
► Have you had any recent illness or operations?
► Please complete this medical questionnaire.
► What was the date of your last physical exam?
► How's your family's health?
► When did you lose your eyesight/ leg/ hearing/ etc.?

9 :: Example of Illegal National Origin/ Citizenship Questions:

► Where were you/your parents born?
► What is your native language?
► What is your country of citizenship?
► Are you a Canadian citizen?

10 :: Example of Illegal Arrest Record Questions:

► Have you ever been arrested?

Possible Legal Alternative
► Have you ever been convicted of ____ crime? (Legal if the crime is reasonably relevant to the job; e.g. embezzlement for a banking job.)

Example of Illegal Questions
► What clubs or social organizations do you belong to?
► Do you go to church?

Possible Legal Alternatives
► List any professional or trade groups or other organizations that you belong to that you consider relevant to your ability to perform this job.