Dream Job Interview Preparation Guide
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Dream Job Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Dream Job. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

32 Dream Job Questions and Answers:

1 :: Please define what is a dream job?

A dream job is a common expression…but do we all have the same definition for this?. A dream job is doing what you absolutely love to do that supports the lifestyle you choose to have.

2 :: Why can more people not have a dream job?

Most of us live in a world that is chaotic, rushed and stressed. We have bills to pay, families to take care of, health concerns, pressures from all areas of our lives and very little time to do any inner searching or connecting to our true desires. Some people are fortunate to have figured out what they are meant to do but the majority of people trek through their lives, trying to keep their heads above water and stay ahead of the game.

3 :: Does finding a dream job mean to just changing the job?

There is much more to it than might first appear. For some people, this may mean finding a new challenge within their current company. They are in the right place, they just have the wrong position. For others, it may involve making an entire career change. Often, I see people who have a certain educational and career background that they feel chained to. But they are too afraid to let it go because they have invested so much time, effort and money into that choice. It was either the wrong choice for them or they have changed their values over time, so they end up feeling miserable and trapped.

4 :: How would you utilize 24 hours in a day?

No matter what your socio-economic status is, what country you live in, or what kind of upbringing you have had, there is one thing every single person on this planet has in common, 24 hours in a day. That is it. This time is what will make the difference in your life. Allowing some time to daydream is one of the best investments you can make with your time. The secret is really to take some time for yourself in a quiet place that is calming for you, removed from your daily routines and stress, to dig deep within yourself and figure out the answers to some vital questions.

5 :: How would you invent you dream job?

A good exercise is to create a profile of your dream job, taking into account elements of the actual job for which you are being interviewed. Do not worry about details such as job title or the level of seniority. Concentrate instead on the different responsibilities you enjoy, your skills and the personal qualities you possess that will set you apart from other candidates. When you then talk about this in the interview, refer to examples from your career that will demonstrate your enjoyment of a specific work situation or the use of key skills.

6 :: What are the other answers which should be answered in a dream job question?

Other good answers to the dream job interview question could be:
☛ A job that provides opportunity to learn, progress and contribute to the organization.
☛ A teamwork-oriented environment in a company that empowers employees to create and take initiatives.
☛ A job that my skills are utilized to the maximum and allows me to grow within the organization.
☛ I would prefer the company culture to be very team oriented and focused on delivering real measurable results while still maintaining a friendly and respectful work environment.
☛ My ideal job would be, Open, supportive, entrepreneurial, stimulating, collaborative, inspiring, focused on fostering strengths.
☛ I would love to work in a job in which I can work both by myself and with others to achieve the end result. I am very self-motivated so I am interested in working in an atmosphere where I can continuously learn new things and improve my skills.
☛ My ideal job is - Friendly, fast paced, available to learning new things, challenging and of course opportunity for career advancement.
☛ A workplace that is open to communication, staff that are approachable and willing to listen as well as give feedback.
☛ I flourish in an environment that allows me to grow my position and gives me learning opportunities. Work environments where trust and team work are keys to success. I really enjoy working with teams and feel mutual trust and respect is a necessary component to any job.

7 :: Why should you not be over ambitious while answering dream job question?

While it is good to show confidence and a desire to progress in your career, going into a job interview and proclaiming that you want to run the company within three years probably will not go down too well.
Pick a role with responsibilities that would be a natural progression from the role you're applying for. That way, it puts the interviewer's mind at rest that you won't be unfulfilled in the current role.

8 :: Should you be realistic while answering the dream job question?

Yes it would be great to have a job with your own huge office, working three days a week for loads of money and having assistants you could delegate work to, but these are not the things the hiring manager wants to hear.

9 :: Why to keep it relevant while answering the dream job question?

While you have always dreamed of running a puppy sanctuary, that is not the answer the hiring manager is looking for.
Instead, keep your dream job relevant to the role you are applying for. For example, if you are going for a digital marketing assistant role, say you would love to have a larger input within the marketing team one day, this shows ambition and a willingness to stay within a particular profession.

10 :: Why should you not undersell yourself in dream job question?

I know my first point focused on not being over-ambitious but this one is about not selling yourself short.
Do not say your dream job is the one you are applying for or even the one above that. While a business will want someone who is happy doing the job they are being hired for, they also want someone with drive and ambition and this must be demonstrated in the interview.