Job Interview Preparation Guide
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Explore the Job interview questions and answers with the help of this simple and basic job interview questions and answers guide, this basic and initial job interview guide is for everyone to get preparation for any job

26 Job Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain us in what way your education background will help you and the organization?

When answering this question explain to him about your education background and some extra courses you learnt during the process.

You need to correlate your education background with the job opening. It would be added advantage if you can explain to him about the necessary features of the job.

2 :: Tell us something about yourself (One of the most common question asked)?

Make sure that you tell about yourself in detail. Keep it small and simple explain to him about all your interests, previous job, passion, hobbies, projects, etc. Just brief him about all your interests and passion without going into detail, if asked state him about it in detail.

3 :: Why did you choose this specific course or stream of study when there are these many options available to you?

When answering this question explain to him about why you choose this course or stream of study. What made you to choose this course, it would be an added advantage if you speak about the different projects you did. Also state or explain about your goal and higher education pursuits.

4 :: What will be the future of this industry?

You need to explain the current trend of the industry and then explain to him about future developments. This is very important because it shows you that you are going hand in hand on the developments of the industry.

5 :: Explain specifically why we need to hire you?

Explain to the interviewer about the necessary skills you have which were mentioned in the job requirement and also tell him about your team playing skills, soft skills, etc which can fetch you the job. If you have interest in pursuing higher studies then do explain about that.

6 :: Explain us about your previous project and its benefits?

As the question states you need to explain to him about your project and its benefits. Do remember a project is done by a team and it has features such as Environment, team members, technical descriptions, usage, etc. This is very important as he will mention to the technical HR about your project.

7 :: What was the reason you left your previous job?

While explaining this question you need to make sure that you don’t speak about the negative features of your previous job which made you to leave the company instead explain about those negative features in a convincing manner and you can state that those reasons are hindering your growth.

8 :: What is your goal and what do you like to achieve in the near future?

Explain to him about the goal which you would like to pursue in the near future and how the company can help you achieve that goal. Have a goal which is reasonable and achievable because it gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

9 :: What was your biggest job or project accomplishment?

For this question you would be explaining to him about the most challenging project you undertook and the benefits you obtained by completing it within the deadline. This will explain to the interviewer about your necessary skills, management skills and team play.

10 :: Can you go to tours often?

When answering this question have it in mind that your answer will be kept in the record. If you cannot take tours due to various reasons state them in a pleasant tone. The answer which you give will be kept in the record. Also make it a habit to take small tours or travelling because every job demands that.