No Work Experience Interview Preparation Guide
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No Work Experience frequently Asked Questions in various job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

35 No Work Experience Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me a reason why should we hire you?

I was always able to learn quickly and carry out my job responsibilities.

2 :: Tell me briefly about yourself?

I am punctual, dependable and can be counted upon to finish what I start. I get a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that I have done something well and on time.It was my responsibility to finish the orders and make sure they all met quality and safety standards within a specific deadline. On occasion, I had to familiarize myself with the product and the production process.

3 :: What you do in your spare time?

Interviewers ask this question to see if your activities and hobbies might help the company and to get an idea of what kind of person you are outside your work life. Describe any volunteer work you do and any hobbies or interests that might relate to the job in some way. Stick to active hobbies, such as playing sports, carpentry,gardening, etc. Avoid mentioning inactive and non-creative activities such as watching television.

4 :: What do you think of working in a group?

► The advantages of working in a group. Explain how the various individuals in a group complement one another in carrying out certain tasks.
► Give specific examples of your personal experience in a group.

5 :: How do you react to instruction and criticism?

I appreciate getting instruction and criticism when it is done fairly and constructively.

6 :: Do you think this job would bore you?

Stress that no job is ever boring because you always learn new skills.

7 :: Are you bondable?

This question indicates that the job involves working with money or valuable merchandise. Very likely the employer's insurance company requires that only bondable people be hired as a condition of their insurance policy.As long as you do not have a criminal record, and you have not previously been denied a bond, you should answer "yes" to this question.
Caution: If you answer yes when you are not legally bondable it is very likely that the employer will discover this.

8 :: What are your long-term goals or career plans?

► I hope to become very good at my job and perhaps take some schooling to become more skilled in my field of work.
► I intend to learn (name of area or skills) very well so that I can be promoted to a higher position in (name skill or department).

9 :: What five words would be describe you?

These should be your transferable skills such as:
► Reliable,
► Punctual,
► Organized,
► Friendly,
► Honest,
► Cooperative,
► Outgoing,
► Easy to get along with,
► Hardworking,
► Energetic,
► Take pride in my work,
► Responsible,
► Respected,
► Dedicated.

10 :: What type of salary are you looking for?

Do not get into this subject unless you are forced to. Even then you want to leave an impression that you are flexible in this area.