Teen Interview Preparation Guide
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Teen Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Teen interviews are really important because they teach you about the professional sphere of attending interview and the way you need to present yourself to the interviewer. These are some of the steps which you need to follow to get yourself a job. So get preparation for a Teen Job with the help of this Teen Interview Questions with Answers guide

27 Teen Questions and Answers:

1 :: Steps which you need to follow to get yourself a job are

1) Attire
2) Be prepared for the interview
3) Ask questions about the job, company and the experience you will receive after completing it. Ask them whether you will get any certificate from the employer.
4) Do exactly or partially as a professional candidate would do.

2 :: When you go to interview at any point in your life first make yourself and the interviewer comfortable.

Dress appropriately because it forms the first impression about you.

3 :: Some of the dressing tips for you are: -

) Try to have a professional look. Make sure that your hair and nails are well groomed. Avoid any fancy items which can negate your prospects of getting a job. Avoid using excessive perfume and bad breath because you will be speaking with the interviewer for quite sometime.
2) Wear khakis and a well suited matching shirt. Get some good shoes which give you a professional look polish it if you can. Have some dark colored socks to match your shoes and khakis.
3) Avoid jeans, shorts, tank tops, crop tops, low cut shirts or pants, too short skirts and blouses, etc which can negate the prospects of the job. Wear clothes in which you are comfortable and they should give you a professional look.
4) Ask your mom and dad to help you out with the interview process, take their help, tell them to pose some random questions and try to answer them. When you are going to the interview make sure that you go in and answer it ask your mom to stay outside.

4 :: Before going to the interview carry a:-

1) Pen and paper (scribbling book)
2) Resume
3) Reference papers
4) Job application completed one
5) Working papers etc

5 :: Make sure that you are early to the interview so that the interviewer may not be waiting for it.

If you want to land on your job without any difficulties then it is a must that you have some soft skills. Be sure that you greet the interviewer before and after the interview.
Plan your working hours and ask the interviewer about the number of hours he needs to present himself at the job. If the situation demands more work from you try avoiding some non essential work. Make sure that you have time for you sports and studies.

6 :: Many companies pay you minimum wage but if you feel you are worth more than that may be because of your experience

Many companies pay you minimum wage but if you feel you are worth more than that may be because of your experience or working skills then it is better to ask that price. Chances and prospects of winning a job depend upon the quality work you produce.

There are some times when you are interviewed at the spot when you finished filling your job application. Be prepared in advance because you may never know when the interview can be scheduled because these interview positions are open whenever there is a vacancy and they need to fill it up ASAP.

7 :: Why did you apply for this vacancy?

When answering this question we pre assume that you have done enough research about the job demands and you have thoroughly read about the requirements of it if not you need to do it now. This is very important because they would like to know why you applied for it and is there any specific reason behind it.

8 :: What would you learn from this position?

Try selecting those jobs from which you can learn. Challenging jobs help you in learning sphere as they will make you comfortable with the real challenges of the job and the prospect of learning them at an early stage of your life.
Make sure that you consult your mom and dad about the benefits a particular job will fetch you in future. Tell the interviewer what your mom and dad told you about the benefits you would likely be getting from that job.

9 :: Questions related to salary expectation?

Before answering this question ask your mom and dad about the minimum wage structure. If you have prior experience then make sure that you demand more because your experience counts. Seek help and advice from grown ups and friends they might help you. Generally to land in the job you can go for a minimum wage.

10 :: Explain about your work schedule can you devout more time?

This question is asked to asses whether you can be available whenever the work demands more working hours from you. Try explaining him about the schedule and then say if they need more working hours I can make it by devoting time on essential work or allotting time for essential work.