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Placement Assistance frequently Asked Questions in various Placement Assistance job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Placement Assistance job interview

29 Placement Assistance Questions and Answers:

2 :: AMDOCS Interview Questions and Answers:

1. How many times minute hand is faster than hour hand

Ans:- 12 times

2. Age questions.

Like A, B, C are sister...
Age differences are given between them and you are told to find the age

3. Relation questions.( like father-son)

4. All A are B, All C are not B

There are many of such questions.

5. Figurative questions.
Like what will be the next in sequence

In most of the questions a square is given, with some designs inside it.

The designs are either moving clock wise or anticlockwise

One was like a square has 4 white lines and 1 black line in it..than next 3 white ,2 black and so on.

Practice some of such type questions, which will help u in the test.


1. Test Language

A code is given with some spaces in between
U have to fill up the spaces with correct option, so that code would work correctly.

*******************Remember following points *******************

Print n --> for displaying n
read n --> for taking input n from terminal

main() ends with endmain
for ends with endfor
while ends with endwhile.

data types-->

Arithmetic operation between integer and real is always integer.

a = mod(b,10) --> a stores remainder
always integer
a = sqrt(b) --> a store square root of B
always integer
a = sizeof(b[ ]) --> a stores size of array.

a =XXX(b,2,3) ---> copy string b into a starting from 2nd position upto next 3.
xxx = i don't remember this.

for loop is like this

For i=1 to N step 1

3 :: HAL Placement Paper Questions:

Sample Questions for the Executive Trainees (Technical ) Test
Aeronautical Engineering
1. Air Fuel ratio in a jet engine will be of the order of:
(a) 10:1 (b) 15:1
(c) 20:1 (d) 60:1
2. Fighter bombers use following type of engine:
(a) Turbo-jet (b) Turbo-propeller
(c) Rocket (d) Ram-jet

Mechanical Engineering
1. Least shrinkage allowance is provided in the case of following:
(a) Brass (b) Aluminium
(c) Cast Iron (d) Steel
2. If V is the volume of metal in a casting and A its surface area, the time of solidification will be proportional to:
(a) V, 1/A (b) V,1/A2
(c ) V2 ,1/A (d) V2, 1/A2
3. Fire tube boilers are limited to a maximum design working pressure of :
(a) 1 kg/cm2 (b) 6 kg/cm2
(C) 17 kg/cm2 (d ) 100 kg/cm2

1. A dislocation represented by T is called:
(a) Positive edge dislocation
(b) Negative edge dislocation
(c) Positive screw dislocation
(d) Negative screw dislocation
2. The recrystallisation temperature of a cold worked material decreases with:
(a) Increase in the degree of deformation
(b) Increase in the initial grain size
(c) Increase in the temperature of cold working
(d) The presence of impurity
Electrical Engineering
1. In a thyrister full converter feeding a continuous load current, what is the duration each thyrister conducts in a cycle?
(a) 60 0 (b) 90 0
(c) 120 0 (d) 180 0
2. In a three-phase induction motor, the rotor field runs at the following speed with Respect to the stator structure:
(a) At synchronous speed in the direction of stator field
(b) At a slip speed in the direction of stator speed
(c) At synchronous speed in a direction opposite to that of stator field
(d) At zero speed
1. In the hybrid parameter model of a transistor reverse transfer voltage ratio and forward transfer current ratio are respectively given by:
(a) h11 and h21 (b) h12 and h11
(c) h21 and h11 (d) None of these
2. A Signal x(t) has the Fourier transform
X(?) = { 1 for | ? | < }W . Its first zero-crossing in time domain occurs at:
O otherwise
(a) 1/pW (b) W
( c) p/ W (d) None of these

Computer Science
1. Magnetic tapes are suitable to applications:
(a) When only a few records are to be accessed
(b) When most of the records are to be accessed
(c) Only when all the records are to be processed
(d) None of the above
2. A system in which 2 or more cpu's are interconnnected and share a common
Main memory is called:
(a) Pipeline machine
(b) Multifunctional system
(c) Multiprocess
(d) None of these

4 :: Adobe Placement Papers Questions:

It had 4 sections(2 1/2 hrs)
1. Analytical Aptitude: 15 mins 15 Qs
2. Quantitative Aptitude: 30 mins 30 Qs
3. Engineering Test :13 Qs, 1 hr
4. C/Java Test 15-20 Qs, 45 mins

The first 2 are ultra-cool, no probs at all.
The fun starts with the third one:
Those thirteen questions are completely based on your problem solving capacity:
There are questions based on data-structures like
-height of a tree,
-finding second largest number in an array
-questions using finite automata
- write a pgm to find whether a m/c is little endian or big endian
- lots on bit-wise manipulation
i could answer 8 out of 13 qs very well.
The 4th test on C/Java(i took C): is almost the same as the third one with questions like
- print a number in hexadecimal format without using sprintf
- optimise the computations in the recursive "nth fibonacci number" algo without using iteration(fairly simple)
"Instead of using return(fib(n-2)+fib(n-1)), use init lofib=0,hifib=1, start with n=2,lofib=hifib;hifib=fib;fib=lofib+hifib"
-given any number say 12, find the next multiple of 8 eg 16 using bit-wise manipulations.
-exchange the integers in a matrix across the secondary diagonal(or non-major diagonal)
i tried hard but couldn't get a common formula for all cases.
and many more. No data structures book can directly help.
one should have very good capacity to solve problems in a very efficient manners.
One drawback about the test is that it is very lengthy.
They could have kept some qs for the interview. Nobody can attempt 28 programs in 1 hr 45 mins

5 :: Adobe Interview Procedure, Pattern and Model Question Paper:

a. Excellent technical skills. Be prepared to take a grilling technical tests on quant, anal, c,c++/java or testing domains. Adobe values technical skills highly and even managers have to take this test. The idea behind test is to check knowledge of basic computer science concepts, data structures, graphics domain etc.
b. Be prepared for at least 4 rounds of technical interview, each lasting 1 hour.; apart from 1 hour HR round. you will be tested for your knowledge of data structure, networking, basic OS, Comp Sci concepts, programming skills. There will be a few puzzles to test your analytical ability.
c. And of course, adobe will quiz you about your cv, experience in previous companies, college projects, academics etc. etc.
d. If you can demonstrate positive attitude, with deep technical skillset , flair to think innovatively and long-term career goals with adobe, then you will, absolutely, make it.
Best of Luck

6 :: Accenture .NET Technical Interview Questions:

1. Draw an overview of your project and explain it?
2. Explain OOPS Concept?
3. State the difference between overloading and overriding?
4. State the differences between C & C++?
5. What are static members?
6. What are virtual functions?
7. What are pointers?
8. What are structures?
9. Write a program using static members in c#?
10. Write a factorial program in c#?
11. State the difference between VB and VB.Net?
12. What are the Advantages of .Net?
13. Describe web.config in
14. How to measure 4 liters of water using a 3 liter and a 5 liter jug?

7 :: How to measure 4 liters of water using a 3 liter and a 5 liter jug?

1. Make sure both jugs are empty.
2. Fill the 3 liter jug to the top.
3. Pour the contents of the 3 liter jug into the 5 liter jug.
4. Fill the 3 liter jug to the top.
5. Pour the contents of the 3 liter jug into the 5 liter jug until the 5 liter jug is full (i.e. contains exactly 5 liters of water.)
6. There should now be exactly 1 liter remaining in the 3 liter jug.
7. Empty the contents of the 5 liter jug and then pour the contents of the 1 liter jug into the 5 liter jug.
8. Now fill the 3 liter jug to the top. You now have 4 liters of water (1 liter in the 5 liter jug and 3 liters in the 3 liter jug).

8 :: Explain Overloading?

Overloading happens when two or more function have the same function name but different return type and parameter.

eg: int sum(int a,int b);
int sum(int a,int b,int c);
The overloading happens in the same class i,e these function should be in the same class.

9 :: Explain Overriding?

It happens in inheritance, when base class has a fucntion called "int sum(int a ,int b)" and the derived class also has the function "int sum(int a ,int b)".in this case we cannt access the base class class function by just creating an object of derived class.

If the base class function has the keyword Virtual then it means that the function should be overrided and we use the keyword Override.

10 :: Adobe Telephonic Interview Questions:

1) program to find height of a binary tree?
Complexity of above program
2) How do you know where the memory leaks when you have multiple files?
3) What are virtual destructors?
4) What should be done when an exception occurs in the constructor?
5) What can be maximum memory that a process can have in 32-bit machine? What assigns a process this memory?
6)Program to find the middle element of a linked list
7)algorithm of O(n) to find first unique element in a string
input: abcabd
I couldnt answer theoretical questions so I wasnt shortlisted for the next round