Workplace Flexibility Interview Preparation Guide
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Workplace Flexibility related frequently Asked Questions in various Workplace Flexibility based job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

25 Workplace Flexibility Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what are the possible outcomes of flexibility?

Flexibility can either give a positive outcome or a negative outcome.

2 :: Explain the Law of Flexibility?

The law of flexibility says that the success is best achieved when you are clear about the goal but flexible about the process of getting there.

3 :: Explain flexibility leadership?

Flexibility leadership is a quality executed by the leaders who are self-aware, create personal guiding principles and are flexible in their leadership approaches.
There are a set of leadership traits, behaviors and styles that support flexible leadership. Understand what their strengths and weaknesses are and how they react to different situations is the foundation for a flexible leadership style.

4 :: Explain dynamic flexibility?

Dynamic flexibility is the range of motion which is achieved by actively moving body segment using muscular action.
It is important for developing speed and power.

5 :: Explain static-active flexibility?

Static-active flexibility is the ability to stretch an antagonist muscle using only the tension in the agonist muscle.

6 :: Do you know the other name for static-passive flexibility?

Static-passive flexibility is also known as passive flexibility.

7 :: Tell me something that you would like to avoid in your job?

I would like to avoid being micro-managed. I know what I'm doing, and I know how to do it. The manager should just tell me what needs to be done, when it's needed, and the constraints. After that, just let me carry the ball and get out of my way.

8 :: Tell me how Flexibility improves performance?

Flexibility at work means ready to change and accept changes in role. Change of role means exhibiting your versatility. It also mean one is proactive and assertive. Flexibility helps in tapping our own potentialities and carving a niche in our professional career. This will help in our growth with the organisation growth.

9 :: Explain the different types of flexibility?

The types of Flexibility are:
☆ Dynamic flexibility also called as kinetic flexibility.
☆ Static-active flexibility also called as active flexibility.
☆ Static-passive flexibility also called as passive flexibility.

10 :: Explain about the continuous changes in company operating policies & procedures?

Company Policies & procedures are the boundary or like fence we have around our houses. You must stay within the boundary to be safe, and any breach in that boundary will cause you unknowingly.
The changes in the company policies must be in good will of a company and we must adhere with that. If you make your boundary stronger, the only reason is to protect your self better. Same way the tighter and tougher policy is to make work place safe and better.