Salary Negotiation Interview Preparation Guide
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Salary Negotiation based frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Salary Negotiation. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

21 Salary Negotiation Questions and Answers:

1 :: What are your salary negotiation?

I really need more information about the job before we start to discuss salary. I'd like to postpone that discussion until later. Maybe you could tell me what is budgeted for the position, and how your commission structure works.

2 :: What do you expect in the way of salary?

I really need more information about the position before I can begin to discuss salary. Can you tell me the range budgeted for this position?

3 :: Tell me what salary range would you require to take this job?

I would need to know more about your salary structure and how often you review salaries as well as your entire package before I could discuss salary ranges. Could you provide me with more information before we discuss this subject?" (Good answer to push back the discussion to them.

4 :: Tell me how much salary are you/Were you making at your last job?

I had an unusual situation at my last job where I took less salary to own a share of the company. I also had a bonus structure that I was receiving. I would have to look at the entire package that you offer before comparing the two jobs or salaries.

5 :: Tell me would you consider taking less pay than you made in your last job?

Opportunity is valuable to me. I am always willing to look at the bigger picture. I would want to be paid according to what I bring to the position, but would be willing to be somewhat flexible.

6 :: Do you know why most people shy away from talking about money?

However, I've been in this game long enough to know that the majority of job seekers don't like to discuss this at interview. They don't want to be the first person to mention a figure. If it's too low, they may miss out financially. If it's too high, they could miss out on a job offer.
If a recruitment consultant asks you this, then I would advise you be as open as possible. They will give you advice on the market rate for your skills and will often do the negotiating for you when you get offered a role. They need to know where your expectations are, so not to waste your time with lower paid jobs in the future.

7 :: Tell me how to deflect the salary question?

I'm quite open and slightly flexible on salary as the opportunity to add value and to be valued is important to me. I'd appreciate knowing how you value this position and what your budget is for this role.
mile and nod while you ask it. By nodding you are assuming the answer you want is coming back to you and increasing the chance of the other person giving you what you want. Practice it in other conversations and you will see what I mean and how well it works.

8 :: don't you think you are overqualified for this position, why would you be interested?

At this stage of my career, it's more important for me to use my skills in an area that interests me than to maintain my past salary level.

9 :: What stage of the application process are you at?

Is the question in an application form or part of an interview? This will influence how explicit your answer needs to be.

10 :: How to answer the salary question during an interview?

☆ Be comfortable in your response
☆ Consider deflecting the question
☆ Use your knowledge to your advantage
☆ Again, don't be too specific