Personality Traits Interview Preparation Guide
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Personality Traits Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that personality which have been scientifically discovered to define human personality. Big five Personality Traits are Openness Conscientiousness Extroversion Agreeableness and Neuroticism, so learn more about the Personality Traits with the help of this Personality Traits Interview Questions with Answers guide

26 Personality Traits Questions and Answers:

1 :: When has personal audacity improved your work performance?

Applicant’s answer should show courage, a drive to push forward, and being committed to getting superior results.

2 :: With reference to a recent teamwork project, what went smoothly and in what areas could the work performance have been improved?

Answer should show an understanding of the commitment necessary to build superior working relationships. Applicant should be able to coordinate the efforts of everyone and handle conflicts or obstacles that may arise.

3 :: How do you cope when unexpected obstacles hinder your work?

Job seeker should display a persistent, positive attitude to problem solving and recognize that goals are achievable, even with obstacles. They should know that obstacles are a part of life.

4 :: At certain times everyone has to work with a person where there is a serious clash of personalities. How do you handle a situation where there is mutual dislike?

Applicant should have a commitment to the company, understand the benefits of team work, understand how important their role is, and work towards completion of a project, despite personality clashes.

5 :: Tell me about a situation where you had an experience that caused you to grow in an unexpected and new direction?

Applicant should demonstrate the ability to nurture life’s experience and then apply the experience to other situations.

6 :: What are your current career objectives and what steps will you take to achieve them?

Job seeker should have ambition and the sufficient drive to reach personal targets.

7 :: What steps do you personally take when work tasks are falling behind schedule?

Job seeker should demonstrate a positive attitude and the ability to overcome obstacles in a personal and team effort.

8 :: How would you handle daily stresses of working?

I feel that the main cause of my stress comes from feeling out of control or dis organized. I would try to set aside allocated time in the morning to organize my list, liaise with the MDT and set a list of goals that I need to achieve throughout the day. By identifying causes of stress I would hope that this would allow me to think of strategies to cope with these. One stress factor at a previous job was that I felt frustrated that I couldn't see the patients due to them being seen by nursing staff in the morning. I dealt with this by liaising with the nursing staff and asking when would it be a good time to see Mr.Jones. "Perhaps I could see him after he has had his wash, which would mean his pain killers would have a chance to work. Would this suit you.

9 :: Which three words that best describe you?

Energetic, hardworking and flexible. I love being on the go and people often comment on my high energy levels. This can be my biggest weakness as I want to be involved with everything going on (such as Boardmasters/Special Olympics). At university this often left me tired because I wasn't getting enough rest however I have learn't to slow down and now have at least one free day a week to recover. I am extremely flexible and have no family ties or commitments which means I can fit around the team and I'm always happy to work children holidays to help out.

10 :: Explain two of your weaknesses?

As mentioned before I feel one of my weaknesses is that I try to do too much which I have already addressed by setting aside one day a week as a complete break from physio (extra curricular). I also feel my lack of experience may be a weakness and for this reason try to expose myself to as many learning environments as possible and regularly attend CPD evenings, practice clinical scenarios with friends and volunteer at local sports clubs.