Video Interview Preparation Guide
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Video Interview Questions and Answers will teach us now that Technology is invented to make life simpler and advanced. Video interview questions present a perfect solution if you want to attract your employer effectively. Video interview is a very effective solution for employers if they are recruiting candidates for a global work place. Video interview saves transportation costs and it makes recruiting much more fun. Lean how to face Video Interview Questions with Answers with this guide

25 Video Questions and Answers:

1 :: Video interview saves transportation costs and it makes recruiting much more fun.

For recruiting agencies or companies it can add an extra advantage as they can record the whole process and show it to their clients.

2 :: For a job seeker it provides a challenge although they are familiar with the technology.

Questions asked will be have a similar resemblance to the ones which are asked during face to face interview (one-one interview) the only difference lies in answering them in front of a camera with a head phone. It also tests your body language and if you have applied for a position which has strong presence in the service sector then importance will be placed on facial aspects and soft skills.

3 :: Although you can have a video conference scheduled in your home?

Although you can have a video conference scheduled in your home many companies prefer to have them either in a recruiting firm or in a company which provides these facilities. It requires the same amount of professionalism which is required in a one to one interview session. Generally video interview is conducted as the last phase where you will have the chance to interact with the overseas client directly so make good use of it.

4 :: Some of these tips should help you out during a video interview they are: -

1) Planning is crucial do contact the company or its facilitator whether they require any information prior to the interview.
2) Don’t be late to the interview because you may never know to whom you will be speaking with. He can be the chief of your company also.
3) Ask for basics on how to use the equipment even if you know how to handle it.
4) Dress professionally as you would dress for an in-person interview. Don’t be on a wrong assumption that the interviewer will be having a half-length view of your body.
5) Only have important papers, pen and a glass of water on your work station which will have a professional look.
6) A microphone picks up even minute sounds so don’t make any sounds, tapping, etc.
7) Eating, chewing, smoking, etc during the interview process are negative habits and they should be avoided at any cost. They distract you and the interviewer.
8) Eye to eye contact is very necessary during the entire duration of the interview.
9) If there is a feature such as picture in picture then it is better to turn it on also it shows your looks.
10) All the questions which will be asked during the in-person interview will be asked in the video. Try to have answers to all of them before hand. Difference lies in the fact that you will be speaking with the client directly. Ask questions if you have any. Prior information on how long the interview session might last could help you in planning for the interview. All this process should be viewed as a step towards getting hired.

5 :: Technical interviews will test on your technical knowledge make sure that you are?

Technical interviews will test on your technical knowledge make sure that you are thorough with the basics and most of the companies ask you basics. If you do not know answer to a specific question tell them that you don’t know the answer to that specific question it is no harm but if you try to attempt it with having knowledge it will have a catastrophic effect.

6 :: Some of the basic questions you need to know are as follows: -

Project details, its uses and benefits, environment, team, client name?
You need to be as detailed as you can about these specific questions as they will decide your future job prospect and opportunity.

7 :: Are you passionate about open content and open source project?

State whether you are passionate about them and your contributions to the society. Also tell them whether you like to develop open source projects or proprietary projects and state the reason.

8 :: What do you know about this company, your job opening and explain about the possible job environment?

While answering this question make sure that you do enough research about the company and your job opening. It is imperative that you know about the job, its environment, technical aspects and possibly what type of projects you would be working with then do explain to him about all these.

9 :: State a major problem you faced during the project in detail and explain us how you approached it and solved?

While answering this question you need to be honest. If you do not know enough about the project then politely address the basics. Remember they know much more about the technicalities than you don’t try to fool them.

10 :: How to answering this question very imperative that you be honest try not to fake your image?

This question might be kept on record during your employment. There are instances when candidates were rejected partly because of the answer to this question. Always remember that the interviewer has much knowledge about what he is speaking.