Unity 3D Developer Interview Preparation Guide
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Unity 3D Developer related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Unity 3D Developer. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

35 Unity 3D Developer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain me what Is The Function Of Inspector In Unity 3d?

The inspector is a context-sensitive panel, where you can adjust the position, scale and rotation of Game Objects listed in Hierarchy panel.

2 :: Tell us what Is An Unity3d File And How Can You Open A Unity3d File?

A Unity3D files are scene web player files created by Unity; an application used to develop 3D games. These files consist of all assets and other game data in a single archive, and are used to enable gameplay within a browser that has the Unity Web Player Plugin. The assets within a 3D unity file are saved in a proprietary closed format.

3 :: Tell us in Unity 3d How Can You Hide Gameobject?

To hide gameobject in Unity 3D, you have to use the code


4 :: Explain me total Sessions Today?

The total number of sessions by all people playing on a given day. Also known as Total Sessions.

5 :: Do you know what Is Prefabs In Unity 3d?

Prefab in Unity 3D is referred for pre-fabricated object template (Class combining objects and scripts). At design time, a prefab can be dragged from project window into the scene window and added the scene's hierarchy of game objects. If desired the object then can be edited.

At the run time, a script can cause a new object instance to be created at a given location or with a given transform set of properties.

6 :: Explain me what Are The Characteristics Of Unity3d?

Characteristics of Unity is:

It is a multi-platform game engine with features like ( 3D objects, physics, animation, scripting, lighting etc.)

► Accompanying script editor
► MonoDevelop (win/mac)
► It can also use Visual Studio (Windows)
► 3D terrain editor
► 3D object animation manager
► GUI System
► Many platforms executable exporter Web player/ Android/Native application/Wii
In Unity 3D, you can assemble art and assets into scenes and environments like adding special effects, physics and animation, lighting, etc.

7 :: Tell us why Deferred Lighting Optimizes Scenes With A Lot Of Lights And Elements?

During rendering, each pixel is calculated whether it should be illuminated and receive lightning influence, and this is repeated for each light. After approximately eight repeated calculations for different lights in the scene, the overhead becomes significant.

For large scenes, the number of pixels rendered is usually bigger than the number of pixels in the screen itself.

Deferred Lighting makes the scene render all pixels without illumination (which is fast), and with extra information (at a cost of low overhead), it calculates the illumination step only for the pixels of the screen buffer (which is less than all pixels processed for each element). This technique allow much more light instances in the project.

8 :: Tell us what Is The Use Of Assetbundle In Unity3d?

AssetBundles are files that can be exported from Unity to contain asset of your choice. AssetBundles are created to simply downloading content to your application.

9 :: What is DAU per MAU (DAU/MAU)?

The percentage of monthly active users who play on a given day. Also known as Sticky Factor in the analytics and game industries, this metric is often used as one estimate of player engagement.

Note that the metric includes both returning and new players. An influx of new players could mask the exit (churn) of existing players. In other words, a steady DAU per MAU metric doesn’t mean high player engagement if players are leaving your game just as fast as they join. Always examine retention metrics as well.

10 :: What is ARPPU (Average revenue Per Paying User)?

Average verified IAP revenue per user who completed a verified IAP transaction.