XQuery Interview Preparation Guide
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XQuery Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that XQuery is a query and functional programming language that is designed to query collections of XML data. XQuery 1.0 was developed by the XML Query working group of the W3C. The work was closely coordinated with the development of XSLT 2.0 by the XSL Working Group. So learn XQuery or get preparation for the job of XQuery by the help of this XQuery Interview Questions with Answers guide

41 XQuery Questions and Answers:

1 :: Why do I need TC Trustcenter Publisher ID?

TC Trustcenter Publisher ID is needed if you want to get your application Symbian Signed (freeware developers excluded). Publisher ID identifies you as the source of the application. Before submitting the application to Symbian Signed, you need to sign it with a Publisher ID. The test house checks the signature and verifies that the application hasn’t been tampered with on the way to Symbian signing and that the application is coming from you.

2 :: How much does Symbian Signed testing and certification cost?

Test houses have their own prices for Symbian Signed testing. You can check the prices by searching over the internet.

3 :: Have freeware developers been taken into account in S60 3rd Edition?

Yes. Symbian has introduced a model for freeware applications. Detailed information can be search at google.

4 :: What is a UID and how do I get one?

The Unique Identifier (UID) is a unique identification for the binary (EXE or DLL) within the system. Its purpose is to prevent executables from interfering with each other. For S60 3rd Edition applications UIDs have to be reapplied.

5 :: What are the requirements for becoming a Symbian Self Certifier?

Yes it is. This functionality is allowed only for certified applications.

6 :: How do I know which platform security capabilities my S60 3rd Edition application requires?

The Help documentation in the S60 3rd Edition SDKs provides general guidance on which platform security capabilities are required for various APIs. The capabilities that an application requires can be confirmed in the S60 emulator. When the option "Enable EPOCWIND,OUT Logging" is selected in the emulator and the PlatSecDiagnostics is set ON in epoc.ini, a log file is created in the Windows "temp" folder called epocwind.out that includes information about the capabilities required. The information is a warning message indicating that a capability is needed.

7 :: The application I am creating requires to have access to an API or functionality which use requires the Nokia Vendor ID. How can I have the Nokia VID for my application?

The Nokia VID is used to protect sensitive areas of the System. These areas may affect the type approval of the device. That is the reason why Nokia VID use cannot be granted to anyone.

8 :: For how long are TC Trustcenter Publisher ID and developer certificates valid?

TC Trustcenter Publisher ID is valid for one year. Developer certificate is valid for six months. When requesting developer certificate, check that your Publisher ID is valid. When signing an application with developer certificate, Publisher ID (.key) and developer certificate (.cer) must both be valid. You can check the certificate expiration date by double-clicking the .cer file in Windows explorer.

9 :: What is the accessibility testing?

Accessibility testing for web sites is a service that can provide much more than the standard point-by-point testing techniques of most automated services.

10 :: Is signing mandatory in S60 3rd Edition?

Yes, signing is mandatory. Be aware that signing is not the same as certification, which is NOT mandatory in S60 3rd Edition. An application can be signed with a self-created certificate, which you can make with the SDK. Or, if you want to get your application tested and certified by a common testing program, you can submit your application to Symbian Signed.