CMMI Interview Preparation Guide
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Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) job test questions and answers guide. The one who provides the best answers with a perfect presentation is the one who wins the job hunting race. Learn CMMI and get preparation for the new job

41 CMMI Questions and Answers:

1 :: Are there services available to help me adopt CMMI?

There are many ways to get help with CMMI models. You can work with a consultant from a Partner organization. That consultant can guide you in creating a process improvement program, selecting a model, determining when to have an appraisal and more. The CMMI Institute and its partners offer CMMI-related training and appraisal services. You can find a Partner organization that offers CMMI services near you.

An extensive CMMI user community is active on the web. Join in on the community discussion and get help from other users.

2 :: Tell me What is a Partner?

Partners are qualified organizations that are licensed by the CMMI Institute to help other organizations and individuals to adopt new and improved technologies. For CMMI, partners offer consulting, appraisal, and training services.

3 :: Should we try to get a maturity level or capability levels?

Unless you are trying to get a level to qualify for a contract that specifies what they require, the choice is entirely up to you. There are a few issues that may influence your decision.

First, when you “get a level” you are in reality conducting a CMMI appraisal (called a SCAMPI A appraisal). Such an appraisal requires selecting a CMMI model and the scope of the organization to be appraised. In addition, you must determine what results you want from the appraisal.

Capability levels apply to your organization’s process improvement achievement in individual process areas. The four capability levels are numbered 0 through 3. For example, your appraisal results may show that the part of the organization you appraised is capability level 3 for Configuration Management, but capability level 2 for Decision Analysis and Resolution.

Maturity levels apply to your organization’s process improvement achievement in multiple process areas. These levels are a means of improving the processes corresponding to a given set of process areas (i.e., maturity level). The five maturity levels are numbered 1 through 5. The maturity level applies to the scope of the organization that was appraised (e.g., three projects, a department, a division)

4 :: How long does it take to establish a process improvement program? How soon will I see results?

Many factors are involved in establishing a process improvement program, including the readiness of the organization, the existence of effective processes and infrastructure to support a program, and the skills and knowledge of the organization’s people.

5 :: How to find a Partner that specializes in what we need?

Find Partners that are geographically close to you and offer the products you are looking for. Interview each to evaluate how well their experience is compatible with your organization’s needs.

6 :: Are there tools available for us to use while we are getting started?

Many Partner organizations have tools that they use. The CMMI Institute doesn’t promote or endorse any of these tools. Our advice is simply to evaluate the tools in terms of how they fit with your organization’s needs and infrastructure.

7 :: Explain What are Maturity Levels in Staged Representation?

The Staged Representation is one of the approaches used in Software CMM. This approach utilizes the predefined sets of process areas for defining an improvement path for an enterprise and the improvement path is described by a model component called a Maturity Level.

CMMI Staged Representation provides a proven sequence of improvements, each of which serves as a foundation for the next. The comparisons across enterprises by using the maturity levels are permitted. The staged representation provides migration from SW-CMM to CMMI. It provides a rating system which summarizes the results of appraisal. The Staged Representation provides a well pre-defined roadmap the improvement of organizations which are based on proven grouping and ordering of processes.

8 :: What is Level0 N/A?

Level0 N/A: All processes do not fulfill Level1 practices and standards.

9 :: What is Level1 Initial?

Level1 Initial: Processes are ad-hoc and chaotic. Success of organization is based on individuals and not standard processes.

10 :: What is Level2 Managed?

Level2 Managed: An organization has achieved all specific and generic goals of level2 process areas. It has been proven that requirements are managed and that processes are controlled, planned and monitored.