Unity 2D Games Developer Interview Preparation Guide
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Unity 2D Games Developer Frequently Asked Questions in various Unity 2D Games Developer job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

52 Unity 2D Games Developer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you know what a vertex shader is, and what a pixel shader is?

Vertex shader is a script that runs for each vertex of the mesh, allowing the developer to apply transformation matrixes, and other operations, in order to control where this vertex is in the 3D space, and how it will be projected on the screen.

Pixel shader is a script that runs for each fragment (pixel candidate to be rendered) after three vertexes are processed in a mesh’s triangle. The developer can use information like the UV / TextureCoords and sample textures in order to control the final color that will be rendered on screen.

2 :: What is animation State Machine?

A graph controlling the interaction of Animation States. Each state references an Animation Blend Tree or a single Animation Clip.

3 :: What is translate DoF?

The three degrees-of-freedom associated with translation (movement in X,Y & Z) as opposed to rotation.

4 :: What is retargeting?

Applying animations created for one model to another.

5 :: What are asset Components?

Assets are the models, textures, sounds and all other "content" files from which you make your game.

6 :: What is strategy?

Strategy games require the player to take on a leadership role and oversee every detail of the provided scenario(s). Gameplay focuses on strategies and careful planning and resource management in order to win.

7 :: What is platform?

Platformers are games in which the player jumps from platform to platform. Game-play generally includes running and jumping.

8 :: Explain me classic Arcade?

Classic arcade games refer to games that originally existed on freestanding coin-operated machines, Generally with a pixel art feel and style.

9 :: Explain me arrange the event functions listed below in the order in which they will be invoked when an application is closed:


The correct execution order of these event functions when an application closes is as follows:

☛ Awake()
☛ OnEnable()
☛ Start()
☛ Update()
☛ LateUpdate()
☛ OnGUI()
☛ OnApplicationQuit()
☛ OnDisable()
☛ OnDestroy()

Note: You might be tempted to disagree with the placement of OnApplicationQuit() in the above list, but it is correct which can be verified by logging the order in which call occurs when your application closes.

10 :: What is animation Layer?

An Animation Layer contains an Animation State Machine that controls animations of a model or part of it. An example of this is if you have a full-body layer for walking or jumping and a higher layer for upper-body motions such as throwing an object or shooting. The higher layers take precedence for the body parts they control.