Lotus Notes Interview Preparation Guide
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Lotus Notes frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Lotus notes. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

25 Lotus Notes Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what is the procedure to download the Lotus Mobile Installer into an Android mobile device?

The following steps guide to download Lotus Mobile Installer

- Turn on the mobile device

- Launch the browser program from the device

- Launch Lotus Notes Traveler user home page by specifying the URL - http://hostname/servlet/traveler.

- Select an IBM Lotus Mobile Installer

- Choose Android option

- Transfer the file to the mobile device and open it.

2 :: Explain how to sort contents in different languages using Lotus Notes?

The contents can be sorted into different languages as follows:

In Notes Standard

- Click on File->Preference.
- Click Regional Settings.
- Click the Change button to sort.
- Select the option ‘Display all sort rules’ to view the list of languages.
- Select ‘Unicode Standard Sorting’ to sort in Unicode fonts.
- Select the sorting languages.
- Click on OK button.

In Notes Basic

- Click on File->Preference->User Preferences.
- Click International.
- Click the Change button to sort.
- Select the option ‘Display all sort rules’ to view the list of languages.
- Select ‘Unicode Standard Sorting’ to sort in Unicode fonts.
- Select the sorting languages.
- Click on OK button.

3 :: Do you know how to create a clickable link in Lotus Notes email?

A hyper link is created by following steps :

- Select the URL.

- Copy it in the clip board.

- Invoke Lotus Notes Client.

- Select the text that is to be made as ‘Clickable Link’.

- Click on Create Hyperlink.

- Paste the URL.

- Click on OK.

4 :: Explain Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5?

- Lotus Notes Traveler allows users to extend collaboration to connect with people remotely.

- It is available for Nokia Symbian 3 devices.

- Supports Nokia S60 3rd and 5th edition devices for encryption enforcement.

- It is beneficial to Android user which include.

- Android Calendar, Mail.

- Multiple line signatures.

- The traveler environment allows the administrators to specify the devices each end user may connect.

- Adds a check point option either to allow or deny as a gateway to access.

5 :: What is Lotus Notes Database?

- Lotus Notes is a multi-value database system

- The files are different from RDBMS as they are document-centric.

- Lotus Notes database supports to persist multiple values in items.

- It comes with built-in document-level access control.

- It persist Rich Text data.

- A Lotus Notes DBMS can be used to map a RDBMS by using DECS, JDBCSQL or NotesSQL

- The extension for Lotus Notes database is “.nsf”

6 :: What is IBM Lotus iNotes?

- Lotus iNotes is a web based version of Lotus Notes client.

- Allows its users a browser based access to their contacts, mails and calendar.

- It combines with Lotus Domino for the purpose of online and offline client interface.

- Supports accessibility to collaborative tools with a variety of web browsers across platforms.

- It has full offline support for integrating instant messaging.

7 :: Explain the new features of Lotus Notes 8.5.3 software?

The following are the new features of Lotus Notes 8.5.3:

- A new mail notification feature is added. A pop up preview will be displayed when a new mail arrives.

- Sorting of mails feature is improved by ignoring the subject content such as Re, Fw prefixes that provides more accurate sorting of data.

- Options are available to search mails by sender or subject by right clicking an email.

- Allows display of countered meetings in a unique color.

- Notifies the existing invitees while adding or removing attendees from an existing meeting.

- Displays geographic and time zone information in the business card.

- Support of additional platform such as RHEL 6.0 Desktop, Citrix XenApp 6.0

8 :: Explain how Lotus Notes is configured?

The following are the requirements to configure Lotus Notes

- Lotus Notes Client Setup.
- Id File.
- Default password.
- Domino Server IP address and name.

9 :: Explain the process of the Lotus Notes configuration?

The following steps describes the process

- Install Lotus notes client on machine.
- Browse the id file after running the short cut from the desktop.
- Specify the IP address and the name of the server.
- Specify the client IP address.

10 :: Explain which server tasks are used for Lotus Notes Web Application?

The following are the tasks are used with Lotus Notes Web Application:

- HTML content

- HTML tag attributes

- Web Query Open

- Web Query Save

- Java Script Header

- Onload event

- OnUnload event

- OnClick event

- OnDblClick event

- OnKeyPress event