Document Type Definition (DTD) Interview Preparation Guide
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DTD Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Document Type Definition (DTD) is a set of markup declarations that define a document type for SGML-family markup languages(SGML, XML, HTML). A DTD is a kind of XML schema. DTDs use a terse formal syntax that declares precisely which elements and references may appear where in the document of the particular type, and what the elements contents and attributes are. So learn DTD by the of this this DTD Interview Questions with Answers guide

43 DTD Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Document Type Definition (DTD)?

DTD stands for document type definition. it describes elements that appear in the XML document what are its contents and attributes Reply With Quote

2 :: Can QEngine test Java applets?

No. Currently, not supported.

3 :: what are Standards for Software Test Plans?

Several standards suggest what a test plan should contain, including the IEEE. The standards are: IEEE standards: 829-1983 IEEE Standard for Software Test Documentation 1008-1987 IEEE Standard for Software Unit Testing 1012-1986 IEEE Standard for Software Verification & Validation Plans 1059-1993 IEEE Guide for Software Verification & Validation Plans

4 :: What is test case analysis?

Test case analysis means reviewing the test case normally done by team lead or Quality Manager. In this process he / she walkthorugh the testccases and compares with the SRS or functional document and also checks whether all major scenarios were considered by test engineer while writting the test case and informs accordingly.

5 :: What is the difference between GUI testing and blackbox testing?


6 :: What are the main things we have to keep in mind while writing?

The main focus while writing test cases should be to cover all the documented requirements, a rudimentary form of doing this is by specifying the exact requirement number/id against every test case. A better way of doing this is by preparing a Traceability Matrix We should also try and write which cover the implicit requirements along with the expliocit stated ones, some negative test cases to cover unpredicatable scenarios. Effort should be made to test all possible inputs and to apply whatever domain knowledge the tester has. The test cases should follow a logical flow, and should include all the information required for executing the steps. The writing style should be easy to understand, all these points make it easy for the reviewer to review the test cases, and also help in easy execution of test cases as they might be executed by another person. The template for writing the test cases should also be followed preperly and all columns should be filled in with the required information.

7 :: What is Test Bug?

The difference between the expected value and the actual value is called a bug .

8 :: What is the difference between UseCase and TestCase?

Difference between test case and use case is use case is prepared by High Level Management team but test case is prepared by Test engineers. Use case is prepared for validating the applications in terms of Actors, actions and responses but test case is used to test a specific functionality of an application.

9 :: What is installation shield in testing?

Install Shield is the software which is used to create the setup files. There is Installation testing which ensures that the user can install the software without any problem and the files are getting stored at proper place and all the register entry are getting stored properly. There is nothing called Installation Shield testing.

10 :: What are the management tools we have in testing?

There is no particular bug tracking tool. It will vary from company to company. In my company they are using Bugzilla. In some comp use TD, Service Point, manita1.0.1, Test Team, etc..