Retail Manager Interview Preparation Guide
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Retail Manager frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Retail Manager. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

36 Retail Manager Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is retail managment?

A process of promoting greater sales and customer satisfaction by gaining a better understanding of the consumers of goods and services produced by a company. A typical retail management strategy for a manufacturing business might research the retail process that distributes the finished products created by the business to consumers to determine and satisfy what buyers want and require.

2 :: What are the roles and responsibilities of Retail Manager?

► Human Resources, recruiting, performance management, and schedule workplace scheduling
► Store business operations, including managing profit and loss, facility management, safety and security and banking, reassuring bank deposits are accurate
► Product management, including ordering, receiving, price changes, handling damaged products, and returns
► Team Development, facilitating staff learning training, and development
► Problem solving, handling unusual circumstances
► To understand the customer service principles
► To handle problems and questions to customers

3 :: Who is Retail Manager?

A retail manager is the person ultimately responsible for the day-to-day operations (or management) of a retail store. All employees working in the store report to the retail manager. A store manager reports to a district or general manager.

4 :: What is the mean of sales generation?

A store manager must meet the monthly, quarterly, or annual sales goals, depending on the company's fiscal cycle. This involves setting individual sales goals (quotas), holding contests for employees, or offering sales promotions.

5 :: How you manage difficult customers?

Describing a difficult situation that you had with a customer and how you resolved the conflict is an example of a typical retail management interview question. This type of question judges your problem solving and customer service skills. When answering, use an example from your previous management or retail experience. Briefly address what the conflict was and its cause before outlining your response and the outcome of the situation.

6 :: What you likes and dislikes?

Another typical interview question is about what you liked and didn't like about a previous position. Often when this question is asked, the interviewer specifies a particular position listed on your resume. When answering this question it is common to list the pros and cons of the position, however, avoid speaking about negative aspects of a previous position or employer. Use specific examples and start and end the answer on a positive note.

7 :: What is Management Experience?

When interviewing for a retail management position it is expected that you have some sort of management training or experience. The interviewer may ask you about how you would perform for the store for which you're interviewing. This is a hypothetical situation question to probe what you may offer the store if you are hired as manager. When answering, outline a plan of action that you would implement as manager. Detail how you would manage employees, control costs and store loss, and meet or exceed store goals.

8 :: How you take tough decisions?

Retail managers are often faced with tough decisions, particularly when it comes to employees. Examples of these types of decisions include hiring, firing, settling disputes and scheduling conflicts. This type of question may test your integrity, ethics and leadership skills. An example of this type of question is what you would do if you caught an employee stealing. Common things to consider when answering this question are mounting an investigation, speaking with the employee and store ownership, and reprimanding or terminating the employee.

9 :: What is your Problem solving skills?

The store manager should also possess ample problem solving skills that would ensure that the entire store workforce works in harmony and is supportive to each other. This is by far the most important responsibility of the store manager, because without a proper work force, no product can survive in the market.

10 :: Tell me why did you leave you last job?

This should be a straightforward question to answer, but it can trip you up. Presumably you are looking for a new job (or any job) because you want to advance your career and get a position that allows you to grow as a person and an employee. It's not a good idea to mention money here, it can make you sound mercenary. And if you are in the unfortunate situation of having been downsized, stay positive and be as brief as possible about it. If you were fired, you'll need a good explanation. But once again, stay positive.