Test Manager Interview Preparation Guide
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Test Manager job preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of Test Manager frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many interviews

36 Test Manager Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is test management?

Test management most commonly refers to the activity of managing the computer software testing process. A test management tool is software used to manage tests (automated or manual) that have been previously specified by a test procedure. It is often associated with automation software. Test management tools often include requirement and/or specification management modules that allow automatic generation of the requirement test matrix (RTM), which is one of the main metrics to indicate functional coverage of a system under test (SUT).

2 :: What are the responsibilities and roles of test manager?

You can give one or two concrete examples, like testing warehouse systems for proper packaging, testing booking and traveling procedures for air supply companies, or testing engines for emission standards in diesel-powered industries.

3 :: Tell me how you consider any risk involved in your testing procedure and strategies?

Any risks (financial, material, or human) are documented with care in special journals which are then distributed among colleagues, senior management, and clients. Additional explanations are provided in specially arranged meetings. Any further consultation is granted, if required by any party involved.

4 :: How communication and teamwork fit into test manager work?

The manager hires and instructs testing personnel. Moreover, the testing manager communicates regularly with senior management, company staff, supplier end, and user end. Cross company employees are instructed on testing plans or testing results. Results are discussed in order to choose the subsequent production strategy. Users must be filled in on all these details to establish trust and cooperation. These exchanges of information can be done in the form of meetings and workshops, initiated and arranged by the testing manager.

5 :: What is the most important skills for a test manager to have?

Answer may depend on the specific industry and company you work in. But in general, test managers are expected to be detail-oriented and effective team leaders. They need to manage testing personnel and be detail-oriented because there is no room for error in safety and quality testing.

6 :: What makes a QA or test manager good?

★ Be familiar with the software development process
★ Be able to maintain enthusiasm of their team and promote a positive atmosphere, despite what is a somewhat 'negative' process (e.g., looking for or preventing problems)
★ Be able to promote teamwork to increase productivity
★ Be able to promote cooperation between software, test, and QA engineers
★ Have the diplomatic skills needed to promote improvements in QA processes

7 :: What are the qualities of test manager?

★ Have the ability to withstand pressures and say 'no' to other managers when quality is insufficient or QA processes are not being adhered to
★ Have people judgment skills for hiring and keeping skilled personnel
★ Be able to communicate with technical and non-technical people, engineers, managers, and customers.
★ Be able to run meetings and keep them focused

8 :: What is basis set for test manager?

The set of tests derived using basis path testing.

9 :: Tell me what is boundary value analysis?

BVA is similar to Equivalence Partitioning but focuses on "corner cases" or values that are usually out of range as defined by the specification. his means that if a function expects all values in range of negative 100 to positive 1000, test inputs would include negative 101 and positive 1001.

10 :: Tell me what is compatibility testing?

Testing whether software is compatible with other elements of a system with which it should operate, e.g. browsers, Operating Systems, or hardware.