Research Media Manager Interview Preparation Guide
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Research Media Manager Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Media Research Manager. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

23 Media Research Manager Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain disadvantages of advertising?

Disadvantages of advertising are:
1.Effect on children which advertise depends upon
underwear, & such all things.
2.As well as money wasting.

2 :: How to advertising the cell phone?

To create cartoons and they tell about cell phones in graphics.. like something different way to show advertising the cell phones.

3 :: Explain what is advertising?

Advertising is we are knowing new products.

4 :: How you deny to receive mail from some email address?

Select the mail as spam then we can't receive mail from the same email id.

5 :: What does the Nifty 50 comprises of which companies, is it from the same sector or just Top 50 companies?

Nifty 50 comprises from top 50 companies. It does not mean they belong to one sector or industry.

7 :: Explain Development Communication?

Use of communication technology, mass media and different channels/media of communication for promotion of health, social development/rural development issues is coined as development communication.

8 :: Why we do online advertising?

Because this is economical and 24hours in show the client.

9 :: Tell me are you ready for T-Mobile G-Slate?

LG is all set to release a lion out of its groove on America's Largest 4G Network: LG Mobile Phones Announce Their First 4G Android 3.0 Powered Tablet - T-Mobile G-Slate With Google.
The T-Mobile G-Slate is first 4G tablets to optimizre Android 3.0 & use the latest Android technology to its advantage. Designed for the devices with larger screen sizes, it addresses the unique aspects of tablet use.

10 :: Customer tells you he would like to think about it, what do you say to convince him to buy now?

If I am confidant about the requirement of the customer I will ask him this is the best opportunity for him, and If i have to think for best option then I will call him latter.