Personnel Management Interview Preparation Guide
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Personnel Management frequently Asked Questions in various Personnel Management job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Personnel Management job interview

4 Personnel Management Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is MRTU & PULP Act, BIR Act?

Maharastra Recognition of Trade Unions and Prevention of
Unfair Labour Practices.

Bombay Industrial Relations Act.

2 :: Whether Inter-State transfer of services of a workman should necessarily be supported by terms of appointment?

yes, as per the model standing orders on additional items
applicable to all industries appended to the Industrial
Employment and Standing Orders Act 1946, a workman may be
transfered according to the exigencies of work provided the
other conditions of service of the workman are not
adversely affected.

Whereas, in case of tranfer of services from one state to
another, either it should be a service condition or withthe
consent of the workmen and one should also follow:

(i) reasonable notice to the workmen follwed by reasonable
joining time is allowed in such cases of transfer.

3 :: No one should be condemned unheard? what does this mean?

under principles of Natural justice " Audi alterem partem"
denotes that no one should be condemned uneard. in
otherwords hear the other side, that means while
conducting domestic enquiry fair opportunity should be
given to the other side for submission of their case and
point of argument.

4 :: If you were given the full authority in the selection of teachers, what criteria are you going to use so that you can select the best of them all?

The teachers who have sense of education, who are able to
arose the strive and importance of knowledge in the
students, the people who already implement the basic ethics
of education in their lives and be the role models of their
students proudly, leads the new generation towards the
long-term benefits of becoming a nation.