Brand Manager Interview Preparation Guide
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Brand Manager job interview preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of Brand Management frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many Brand management interviews

32 Brand Manager Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what is brand positioning and explain basis for positioning a brand?

Brand positioning is a process in which marketers would like to occupy the rational space in the minds of the target customers against competition.

The following are the basis for positioning a brand:

Target audience
Frame of reference
Point of differentiation

2 :: Do you know what are the main responsibilities of a Brand Manager?

The major responsibilities of a brand manager are:

To oversee the overall performance of the brand and will be a single point of contact for overall profitability of the brand on a whole.
To involve from budgeting to product development inclusive of pricing, packaging, promotion to enhance brand image of the company
To design market research studies with MR agencies and utilize the results to take better business decisions regarding market assessment of the company’s products
To be involved with ad agencies to coordinate advertising, event management and marketing communication activities
And also, be familiar to handle overseas operations and willing to travel overseas in short notice

3 :: Suppose you are a brand, describe your strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths are good communication, analytical and client servicing skills and flexibility to any kind of environment.

My weakness is diversified concentration.

I position as a brand by means of catering to the mass market (Flexibility) with assortment of product categories (diversified concentration) across geographies(flexibility) with high quality product standards to the consumers.

4 :: Can you explain what are the components of Brand Positioning?

The components of brand positioning are :

Target audience
Unique selling proposition

5 :: Do you know what is a brand and what is the importance of brand management?

A brand is the set of product or service attributes imbibed in the consumer’s mind in the form of a name, symbol, logo, design and trademark. The importance of brand management is:

Product differentiation from competitors
Building corporate image
Creating bundle of benefits for different product categories
Attract and retain the most loyal customers

6 :: Tell me what do you feel is the potential for Brand Management?

The potential for brand management will help the company to promote its image in the society, differentiate its offerings from competitors, devise marketing communication activities, protect its product features legally etc.

7 :: Most Frequently Asked Brand Management Interview Questions:

► What are your goals (short, medium, and long term)? How does our firm fit in with those goals?
► Why did you choose to attend your school? What are your concentrations? Why did you choose them? What have you learned so far?
► Why are you interested in marketing? What do you know about marketing? How are you currently preparing for a career in marketing? How do you know you will excel at it?
► Why are you interested in our organization? What do you know about our organization?
► What would you contribute to our organization? What unique skills and experiences can you bring to us? Why should we hire you?
► What personal or professional qualities are you proudest of? How have they helped you achieve your goals?
► Discuss your career progress to date. How do you feel about it?
► In your most recent position, what were your most significant accomplishments? What skills did you employ to arrive at those goals?
► Describe one or two of your most important personal accomplishments. Discuss the hurdles that made them challenging.
► How do your co-workers describe you? Members of your study groups at school? Your friends?
► How would you add to the diversity of our organization?
► Tell me about a time when you were most satisfied in your work. What were you doing? What was the most satisfying?

8 :: Communication and Persuasion Based Brand Management Interview Questions:

► Discuss examples of situations when you had to persuade a person of a different point of view to agree with you on an issue.
► What are some of the best ideas you ever sold to a superior or peer? What were your approaches?
► Describe a time when you had to use several approaches because your initial approach failed to persuade others.
► Describe your most satisfying experience in attempting to gain upper management's support of an idea or proposal. What was the situation, and how did that turn out?
► What oral presentations have you made? What were the most successful? Why?
► Have you ever done any public speaking? Tell me about one of these events.
► Give an example of when you made a presentation to an uninterested or hostile audience.
► What are examples of the most difficult writing assignments you've ever had? Why?
► Describe a time when you had to convince someone, who didn't directly report to you, to do something they didn't want to do.
► Please compare your verbal communication skills to your writing skills. Which skill has most strongly enhanced your career progress? Why? What are specific strengths and weaknesses of your verbal and written skills?

9 :: Integrity Based Brand Management Interview Questions:

► Describe an ethical dilemma which you had to face during your career. How did you resolve the issue?
► Describe your character.
► Have you ever been involved in a situation in which a co-worker showed dishonesty on the job? If so, how did you deal with that situation?
► Sometimes strict company rules make it very difficult to get our work done. Can you think of a time when you had to bend a rule to get your work done more efficiently?
► Have you ever been asked to do something that you didn't think was right? What did you do?
► Have you ever been in a meeting when your boss said something to make him/her or you "look good" and you thought the statement was inaccurate? What did you do?

10 :: The Organization Based Brand Management Interview Questions:

► What are our brands or services?
► What have you learned about our organization?
► What have you learned about our organization?
► What have you heard about our organization that concerned you?
► What's the most important thing you would look for in an employer?
► How did you structure your research about our organization?
► What was your first impression about our company?
► What did you think of our corporate presentation?