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PeopleTools Frequently Asked Questions in various PeopleTools Interviews asked by the interviewer. So learn PeopleTools with the help of this PeopleTools Interview questions and answers guide and feel free to comment as your suggestions, questions and answers on any PeopleTools Interview Question or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

24 PeopleTools Questions and Answers:

1 :: Can a PeopleTools 8.4 and a PeopleTools 8.1x database run on the same machine?

Yes, databases can co-exist on the same physical machine. In most cases, thedatabases themselves can exist within the same RDBMS, however, it isimportant to verify that the database version required by PeopleTools 8.4 is thesame as for the current PeopleTools 8.1x implementation.

2 :: Tell me How should Web Application Servers be usedwith PeopleTools 8.1x and PeopleTools 8.4

The PeopleSoft Internet Architecture uses a web application server and anHTTP server. PeopleTools 8.12 and above include both BEA WebLogic andApache with Jserv. With PeopleTools 8.4, both BEA WebLogic and IBMWebSphere are bundled. Apache with Jserv is no longer a supported webapplication server combination. Customers can choose which web applicationserver to run during installation time.In a mixed PeopleTools 8.1x and 8.4 environment, each PeopleTools installationshould have their own chain of web application server and application server,PeopleSoft Proprietary and Confidential Page 5and these can be on the same machine. For example, a PeopleTools 8.1xinstallation using Apache and Jserv could reside on the same machine as aPeopleTools 8.4
installation using IBM WebSphere. Care should be taken toensure that unique port numbers are assigned to each server chain.

3 :: Can you explain Why did PeopleSoft bundle IBM WebSphere Advanced Single Server Edition rather than Advanced Edition

The Advanced Single Server Edition (AEs) of WebSphere provides the same core J2EE and Web Services programming model as the Advanced Edition (AE) with simplified administration. In the AE
version WebSphere uses DB2 or other standard database to keep the configuration and runtime information to support very large farm of WebSphere servers. However, it is one more database to
install, administer and maintain. The AEs version does not use the database and uses file based configuration in a way that is similar to BEA WebLogic. PeopleSoft and IBM WebSphere architects determined that AEs version would satisfy the deployment requirements of PeopleSoft customers and would make it easy for owning and administering PeopleSoft Applications based
on WebSphere.

4 :: Tell me Are disconnected mobile applications supportedin PeopleTools 8.1x?

No. The PeopleSoft Mobile Agent architecture, which is used to supportdisconnected mobile applications, is only available in PeopleTools 8.4. ThePeopleSoft Mobile Agent is dependent upon certain core technologies that werespecifically developed for PeopleTools 8.4.

5 :: Tell me For the servlet layer on the web server, what version of the Java Servlet API are the PIA Java Servlets coded to with PeopleTools 8.4?

The PIA Java servlets in PeopleTools 8.4 are coded to JavaSoft's Java Servlet API 2.0 and are fully compatible with Servlet API 2.2. It should be noted that the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture
is supported only on the BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere servlet engines.

7 :: Explain How to create prompt table dynamically for the specified field?

If you want the prompt table to vary depending on the context of the field, indicate a field in the derived or work record (DERIVED) that contains the name of the prompt table at runtime. In this field enter %FieldName.

The % is required, and indicates that you?re referencing a derived or work record definition named DERIVED. FieldName is the name of the field in that DERIVED record definition.

8 :: Can you explain Will Tuxedo continue to be used in a PeopleSoft/WebSphere or PeopleSoft/WebLogic environment?

Yes. WebSphere or WebLogic are used as the HTTP server and servlet engine. They are not used as middleware with the PeopleSoft Application Server. Tuxedo is always used with PIA,
regardless of the HTTP server or Java servlet engine.

9 :: How to migrate roles from one database to another database?

1. Include all the roles in a project by clicking on Insert -> Definitions into Project -> select Roles and add them into the project. Migrate the project to another database.

2. Create a datamover script to migrate roles from PSROLEDEFN table.

10 :: Can you explain Will the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture, now that it embeds BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere, work with my other corporate web servers and tools?

One of the core values of the PeopleTools development group is investment protection. The time, money and resources that you may have already invested in licensing another web server, training developers and administrators, building and deploying other web applications will not be compromised by this decision. How is this accomplished