Technical Manager Question:
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Business-minded Strategist Interview Questions:


► What is your leadership philosophy?
► Favorite book on management or leadership. Or what book has made the biggest impact on your leadership style?
► The CEO makes a decision/call you don't agree with - has this ever happened to you? How would/did you handle it?
► How did you know you wanted to be a manager or CTO/VP Eng? What motivated you to pursue that path?
► What do you think you are best at as a CTO/VP Eng? What part of the role are you amazing at? What areas could you stand to improve?
► How do you harness the power of others? Promote the ideas on your team? Brainstorm?
► The team has a major operational outage for one of the services. Customers are really upset. How do you respond? What would be your recommended course of action to the executive team?
► Have you presented to a board of directors? What are the key components of your presentation? How did you come up with the content/template/outline?
► What is the biggest piece of advice you have with regards to managing up? How did you come by that advice?
► One of your peers is not managing their team/organization, and you have valuable criticism that can help them correct their behavior. How do you communicate it? What if they aren't receptive or don't listen - how do you ensure the right thing happens for the business?

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