Swift Developer Interview Preparation Guide
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Swift Developer based Frequently Asked Questions in various Swift Developer job interviews by interviewer. These professional questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answers posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

39 Swift Developer Questions and Answers:

1 :: How to prioritize the usability of the demand Process?

☛ Firstly, think like a user while designing the UX.
☛ Consider all the situations that prove to be useful while promoting an App.
☛ Continue to work on the utility of the App, even after the launch.

2 :: Explain me why do we use swift?

Mention the advantages?

A few of the many advantages of using swift are:

☛ Optional types
☛ Closures
☛ Built-in error handling
☛ Much faster than other languages
☛ Supports pattern matching
☛ Type-safe language

3 :: Can you please explain the difference between between @synthesize and @dynamic in Objective –C?

@synthesize – It generates the getter and setter methods for the property.
@dynamic – It notifies the compiler that the getter and setter are implemented at some other place.

4 :: Do you know the Adapter And Memento Pattern?

Adapter – It lets the classes with incompatible interfaces to work together and it wraps itself around the object to expose a standard interface to interact with that object.

Memento – This pattern in iOS is used as a part of state restoration.

That is this externalized state can be restored without violating any encapsulation.This pattern is especially used for the archiving in Apple.

5 :: Do you know how Multiple Line Comment Can Be Written In Swift?

The Nested multiline comments enable you to comment out large blocks of code quickly and easily.

Use an opening (/*: ) and closing ( */) comment and it looks like -


The above forward slash (/) and an asterisk (*) then a colon (:) is opening comment - (/*:)

The below an asterisk (*) and forward slash is closing comment – (*))


6 :: Tell us what Is The Difference Between Swift And Objective-c Language?

Swift Programming-
☛ In a swift programming, the variables and constants are declared before use.
☛ In a swift programming, “var” keyword used for variable and “let” keyword for constant.
☛ In a swift programming, no need to end code with semi-colon
☛ In a swift programming, does not require creating a separate interface like Objective-C.
☛ In a swift programming, we can define methods in class, structure or enumeration.

Objective-C Programming-
☛ In objective-C programming, we need to end code with semi-colon
☛ In objective-C programming, we can declare constant as int and variable as NSString.

7 :: Explain me what the different control statements used used in Swift?

Continue, Break, Fallthrough and Return. However, while it’s important to know these control statements, what would really impress an interviewer is being able to have a dialogue around how each of you uses these controls, which you use most often, etc.

8 :: Do you know what can you Language say about swift programming?

It is one of the programming languages and also a system creating an application for iOS and OS X.
For Cocoa and Cocoa touch, this programming language is considered to be an innovative one.

9 :: Do you know what is Dictionary in Swift?

It enables you to store the key-value pairs and access the value by providing the key.It is similar to that of the hash tables in other programming languages.

10 :: Tell me what do you do when you realize that your App is prone to crashing?

☛ Firstly, determine the iOS version or model of the device.
☛ Collect enough information to reproduce the issue.
☛ If possible, acquire device logs.
☛ Acquire tooling or create a unit test and begin debugging once you get the idea of the nature of the issue.