Detail Man Interview Preparation Guide
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Detail Man job related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Medical Sales Representative. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

70 Medical Sales Representative Questions and Answers:

1 :: What was your most rewarding experience during college?

Tutoring local high school students in physics and chemistry.

2 :: What is your interaction level with your previous supervisor? What did he do right and what did he do wrong, according to you?

Basically, this question is aimed at finding out whether you are good with some kind of authority above you or whether you are someone who requires a mentor. Your response may also cause the interviewer to view you as an optimistic or complaining type, so tread carefully.
The best answer is to speak of the cordial aspects of the relationship you enjoyed with your supervisor. If you must mention any issues, be brief, and downplay any problems. For example, explain how any differences you had were purely theoretical and in the end, what was best for the company won. Of course if this is not so, explain the difficulties and how you overcame them. End with an encouraging example of getting along.

3 :: What is the most challenging aspect of pharmaceutical representative?

My top 3 are access, formulary coverage and pt trials.

4 :: What do you think the company would help you the best?

This question is really an attempt on the part of the company to discern if you are a team player yet capable of working on your own.
In your response, give examples of how you have worked in both of these capacities, even if not job related. Suggest that the company chalk out a plan with a quota that must be met by the end of a month, and then provide you with the resources to fulfill the goal. Proclaim that you will do your utmost to meet any reasonable goal.

5 :: Tell me about a time you persuaded someone professionally?

While at Shifa, I had to convince doctors of the importance of DHA. One of the products I sold was ***** and it required clinical presentation to show its efficacy. I requested a clinical trial and he began enrolling pts at the start of their pregnancy.

6 :: How to perceive a typical day for pharmaceutical sales representative?

With this question, the interviewer is investigating your dedication and whether you are up to the physical aspect of working as a pharmaceutical salesperson, as well as the unusual times.
In responding, mention your awareness of the times available for sales calls; that is, when medical practitioners and other medical officers are relatively free. Day time hours are generally off limits; usually calls must take place at about seven in the morning or nine in the evening.
This way, you will not only express your knowledge of the business, but also inform the interviewer that you are ready for the hard work and difficult hours that are part of becoming a successful pharmaceutical sales representative.

7 :: How to differentiate yourself from your peers?

I am polished, poised, and professional. I am well established in my medical community. I have clinical credentialing that is highly regarded. I am familiar with the healthcare landscape of this market place and can multi task like nobodies business.

8 :: Tell me what is the most challenging aspect of being a pharmaceutical sales person?

A novice to the world of pharmaceutical sales may think that the most difficult part of the sale is meeting the medical practitioner, but that is actually not so.

The challenge is actually convincing a doctor to switch from a drug that s/he and their patients are quite comfortable with and convert to a new alternative. The sales rep must persuade them that such a change would be an improvement, and that is the true challenge. If you have experience, share some of your success stories.

9 :: Why do you think you would excel at pharmaceutical sales?

I think I would excel at pharmaceutical sales because I am adaptive to the culture of each office, creative in order to achieve goals, attentive to my customers needs and I have a large network to draw from.

10 :: How long having you been seeking employment in the pharmaceutical sales industry?

Your answer here will be important. You have the opportunity to make yourself look good with the right answer. If you have been looking for a position for a long time, six months or more, then you need to present yourself as a tenacious person who never gives up because you are absolutely certain that you are the right person for the job. Whether you have been granted interviews will matter, because the district manager will wonder why you didn't gain the position if you interviewed. On the other hand, if you didn't gain an interview that means you failed the first sales test. Perhaps you turned a position down because of location. That's a good reason to decline. If you've just started looking for a pharmaceutical sales position and you've already gained interviews, it's because you are impressive, on paper and in person.