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Dental frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Dental. So get preparation for the Dental job interview

5 Dental Questions and Answers:

2 :: Is the base applied when we make grooves and locks for amalgam retention?

yes, base is applied it prevents secondry caries , it
prevents dentinal sensivity , prevents microleakage to the
pulp , acts as secondry dentin.

retention & grooves are made to support & stabilize the
amalgam filling .

3 :: What are the symptoms of TMJ? How are they treated?

Problems asscoitated with the TMJ are:
- locking of jaw - headaches - earaches( buzzzing in ear)-
chewing discomfort - mysofacial pain

Problems with the TMJ can arise from a variety of causesof
which include - malocclusions (improper bite) or bruxism
(teeth grinding).

The most common treatment is the use of a an occlusal
splint or stabalisation splint as they are sometyimes
called. These are removable devices moulded to fit the
upper or lower arches of the teeth to regulate an improper

Bite guards are often used to deal with symptoms resulting
from bruxism and are worn in the night.

4 :: How are periodontal disease and Gingivitis are related?

Gingivitis is caused by plaque & calculus.
this leads to inflammation ,swelling ,bleeding of gums.
if this is not traeted this can lead to perodontal disease .

periodontal disease is loss of periodontal ligament to the
tooth structure, tooth becomes mobile ,there will be bone

treatment is oral prophylaxis ,using mouth rinse, scaling,
root planing.

5 :: How is gingivitis treated?

Brushing twice daily ,using dental floss, using mouth wash
like listerine,etc. Visting dentist for every 6months for
scaling & other tooth related disease.