Gastroenterology Interview Preparation Guide
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11 Gastroenterology Questions and Answers:

2 :: When does the serum lipase begin to rise in patients with acute pancreatitis?

The serum lipase begin to rise in patients with acute
pancreatitis within 2-4 hrs.

3 :: In liver disease, what causes spider telangiectasias and palmar erythema?

Altered oestrogen and androgen metabolism with altered
vascular physiology.

9 :: What are four abdominal radiographic findings of

Ileus, partially obsructed colon, Air/fluidlevel, Free air if

10 :: Is it true that morphine is contraindicated in the treatment of acute pancreatitis because of sphincter of Oddi spasm?

yes it causes biliary colic...,so it should b given wit
atropine as it relaxes d biliary smooth muscles.