Dental Assistant Interview Preparation Guide
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Dental Assistant Frequently Asked Questions in various Dental Assistant job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

50 Dental Assistant Questions and Answers:

1 :: Describe your qualifications as a dental assistant?

Besides education and specifics of where you worked, you can mention characteristics generally considered favorable:
Manual dexterity,
Good interpersonal skills,
Eeliability, etc.

2 :: How to cope many tasks which a dental assistant typically has to deal with during an average day?

This question is meant to test how much actual experience you have. Describe a typical day in some detail and explain how you manage it successfully: you are quick and always focused, you know the routine and have things ready beforehand or immediately when the patient comes in, etc.

3 :: What characteristic is most important for the job of dental assistant?

You are not actually expected to find the one single most important characteristic. Just take a moment to think about it and give a thoughtful answer based on your experience. One way to answer this question is to mention multi-tasking ability; it is important because it implies the ability to do all of the above mentioned tasks simultaneously and effectively.

4 :: Define 4-handed dentistry?

A method in which a dental assistant works closely with the dentist on the procedures being done in the mouth of a patient. This method decreases fatigue and improves the success of dental procedures.

5 :: What initial procedures need to undertake when a patient is seated in front of the doctor as a dental assistant?

Adjust the seat for the patients, set up aprons, put a new glass of water, offer napkins, arranging special instruments (if required) and the medicines, taking and recording patient's blood pressure, etc. Hand in the patients file to the doctor and if the patient is not new, brief the doctor about the progress or the problems the patient is facing.

6 :: Tell me how well you get along with other people?

Interpersonal skills are important for a dental assistant. Dental assistants are able to cooperate efficiently with the doctor and make the patient feel comfortable and safe while they prepare them for treatment or instruct them in dental matters.

7 :: How you feel that you are qualified for the position of a dental assistant?

I am registered as a dental assistant with the State of New Hampshire. I have worked as a dental assistant at Dental Habitat for three years which has prepared me well to work in a dental facility the caliber of Dental Aesthetics.

8 :: What are your strengths as dental assistant?

I am highly dependable, efficient, quick learner and excellent at providing effective customer service. I have substantial knowledge and experience in 4 handed dentistry. I don't work for getting the job done, I work to get appreciated and that makes me work extraordinarily well.

9 :: What typical tasks are performed in the role of a dental assistant?

I was responsible for both procedural and administrative support at Dental Habitat. From taking and recording patients information to providing support to complex dental procedures, I was expected to manage it all.

10 :: Do you have any experience of dental laboratory?

Yes, I do. I can effectively and accurately make casts and crowns. I can also make retainers and both temporary and permanent braces.