Executive International Business Interview Preparation Guide
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Executive International Business Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in International Business Executive. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

105 International Business Executive Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell about yourself?

Be prepared to talk for two minutes about yourself. Be logical. Start anywhere, such as high school, college or your first professional position. The interviewer is trying to evaluate your communication skills and linear thinking. You may try to score a point or two by describing a major personal attribute.

2 :: How have you grown or changed over the past few years?

Maturation, increased technical skills and increased self-confidence are important developmental aspects. To discuss these effectively is indicative of a well-balanced, intelligent individual. Overcoming personal obstacles or recognising manageable weaknesses can help identify you as an approachable and desirable employee.

3 :: What is your long-term objective?

Be honest. Focus on your most achievable goal and how are you going to reach it. It is vital to have a clear vision of how your career should look like in the next 5 years or so and how to make this vision come true

4 :: Please tell me what are your strengths?

Prepare a list of your proficiencies and choose three or four that are the most relevant to the job you are applying for. Concentrate on discussing your main strengths. Avoid popular clichés, such as:

► I am a good team player…
► I am a good negotiator…
► I work very hard…

Focus on your more dynamic skills, such as:
► I learn quickly.
► I have a strong determination to succeed.
► I have a positive attitude.
► I can relate to people and achieve a common goal.
► I make friends easily.

Remember that you may very likely be asked to give examples of the above, so be prepared.

5 :: Tell us how has your education prepared you for your career?

This is a broad question and you need to focus on the specific examples in your educational background which have given you the proficiency to do this particular job. If applying for a job in a technical field, be sure to mention any relevant achievements in that particular field and your passion for the subject.

6 :: Why should we hire you as International Business Executive?

Summarize your experiences: "With five years' experience working in the financial industry and my proven record of saving the company money, I could make a big difference in your company. I'm confident I would be a great addition to your team."

7 :: What are your goals in future?

Sometimes it's best to talk about short-term and intermediate goals rather than locking yourself into the distant future. For example, "My immediate goal is to get a job in a growth-oriented company. My long-term goal will depend on where the company goes. I hope to eventually grow into a position of responsibility."

8 :: If you were an animal, which one would you be?

Interviewers use this type of psychological question to see if you can think quickly. If you answer "a bunny," you will make a soft, passive impression. If you answer "a lion," you will be seen as aggressive. What type of personality would it take to get the job done? What impression do you want to make?

9 :: Tell us 3 Likes and 3 Dislikes you have at their current job?

You can tell a great deal about someone's work place personality if they immediately start answering with all of their dislikes and the list goes way beyond three! If their dislikes seem petty or personal it's a red flag that they may not gel with company culture. Someone who fits in with your culture is key!

10 :: What is was your production measurement in your last job?

This simple question will let me know if they think deep enough about what they do or if they are just there to push paper.