Ecommerce Manager Interview Preparation Guide
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Ecommerce manager related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Ecommerce Manager. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

41 Ecommerce Manager Questions and Answers:

1 :: As you know marketing often requires you to be creative. Describe a situation where you used your creativity for success?

When I worked on the marketing team of an athletic attire company, I suggested we partner with a media and electronics company. This seemed like a stretch to most people because it was not directly related to fitness or athletics. Shoes, health food, and gear were more obvious partners. My idea was to personalize the media to match the attire. A yoga outfit, for example, was coordinated with a calming playlist and portable speakers. The running gear, on the other hand, was paired with more upbeat music and portable headphones. The consumer really grasped this concept and both companies benefited from the promotion.

2 :: Tell us what is the term “Web Hosting”?

Web hosting is a way to gain a presence on the internet. The web hosting company should be capable of providing you with the level of service that you need to maintain your Web Store.

3 :: Explain me what is C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer)?

These kind of transactions are usually done at an individual level. Payments can be done with the help of online systems like PayPal.

4 :: Explain me should the head of e-commerce report directly to the c-suite?

There is no one correct answer, but before beginning the search, it is important to consider how reporting lines will impact the qualified candidates’ perception of both the role and the organization’s commitment to the e-commerce initiative. Two likely expectations of candidates will be that P&L responsibility for e-commerce will come with the job and that the position will report directly to the CEO or president. Without these two conditions in place, it’s possible that some high-caliber candidates may opt out of the process.
This isn’t about ego on their part; having the e-commerce leader report directly into the same level of command as the head of retail and merchandising sends a clear message that the development of e-commerce is a company priority and that the candidate will be the business owner. This type of reporting ensures that the e-commerce leader will be directly involved in executive conversations and planning sessions that drive the direction of the company. It also indicates that e-commerce is a priority for the CEO and the board and broadcasts a message throughout the organization that the leadership team is embracing the channel. This is not to say this model is right for all organizations, but companies should give serious consideration to organizational structure in order to attract the right level of experienced leader. Another way to reassure candidates about the company’s commitment is to establish an on-call board member who can provide reassurance and answer questions about the e-commerce strategy during the final recruitment stages.

5 :: Please tell me about yourself as Ecommerce Manager?

This question is one of the most frequently asked questions. Where do you start? What do they really want to know? Are you to begin from elementary school or college? You have to be very careful on how you answer this question because your answer here sets the tone for the rest of the interview. This question is mostly asked as an icebreaker but if you did not prepare for it, it becomes a real problem.

The right approach to this is to discuss your key strengths and how they relate to the job. Talk about a few of your accomplishments. Talk about your current employer and then tell them how you see yourself fitting into a position at their company.

6 :: Explain me how do you keep staff members motivated as Ecommerce Manager?

Questions about delegating tasks and motivating staff are quite common in management job interviews. Your emphases should be on team building when answering this question. You can say something like “I always endeavor to show recognition to members of staff that meet goals and in my experience, I have seen that this keeps them motivated to take on more tasks. Where possible, I make the tasks delegation interdependent so that staff members can learn to work with each other and improve one another to get the best out of themselves.”

7 :: Tell me have you ever fired anyone? What were the circumstances?

If you have - explain why you made the decision and you handled it with dignity.

8 :: Can you describe your management style?

Are you a micro manager? Are you a manager that empowers other people? If you're the latter, how do you do so? Do you set a clear goal for the team?

9 :: Tell us how would you effectively promote our brand using social media?

Successful promotion on social media takes effort and strategy. When I worked for my previous company, we participated in several loop giveaways that were unsuccessful. We learned quickly that these giveaways boosted our following initially, but not long term. From these efforts, I learned that social media promotions are more effective when they are well thought out and they make sense. I like the idea of partnering with like brands. The chances of gaining a return from your efforts are higher when you do this.

10 :: Tell us how E-commerce works?

1. When a consumer wants to buy a certain product, he go to the website and selects the product he wants to buy.
2. Once the product is selected, the consumer transaction is moved to the online transaction server where he places an order.
3. The informations is exchanged over a secure channel through a private gateway to a processing network.
4. The networked banks accept or reject the transaction.
5. All this happens in just a matter of seconds.
6. eCommerce is a very secure due to the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

The basic steps involved in becoming Commerce Enabled are:
☛ 1. Getting an Internet Merchant Bank Account
☛ 2. Web Hosting
☛ 3. Obtaining a Digital Certificate
☛ 4. Finding a Provider of Online Transactions
☛ 5. Creating or Purchasing a Shopping Cart Software