Retail Interview Preparation Guide
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Retail Interview Questions and Answers will Guide you that Retailing consists of the sale of goods or merchandise from a fixed location. Such as a department store, boutique or kiosk, or by post, in small or individual lots for direct consumption by the purchaser. Learn the basic and advance concept of Retailing or get preparation of Retails Job Interview by our Retail Interview Questions and Answers Guide.

41 Retail Questions and Answers:

1 :: What previous experience do you have in retail?

They want to check that you are familiar with the demands that come with retail jobs. This is your chance to show off your experience. If you have worked with lots of companies, focus on those that are most similar to the company that you are applying.

2 :: As a supervisor or an employee in wholesale market, what would you do to improve your services for your customers?

Candidate should answer that as an employee of a wholesale market, I would ensure what are my customer or retailers priorities and ensure that I address those issues first and I would consider the budgetary constraints. Overall, I would take a holistic approach to ensure my end customers and my retailers get that extra distinctive edge for using our products. Its not only on working for the product betterment, but to improve on each and every touch of customer, from contact strategies, day to day account management, choice of information channels and accuracy of billing.

3 :: As a Supervisor, how would you plan your financials for your budget?

Applicant should answer that as a supervisor he/she would analyze actual spend vs. forecast and plan future sales and retail storage. Provide sales adjustments/discounts reporting and analysis, which could be helpful in further analysis of the business. As a supervisor I would ensure, that I keep a track of all the finances and expenses incurred during the process of transportation, salaries and wages of drivers and other helpers in loading and unloading the goods and services. Maintain a ledger for the cost involved in storage and maintenance of goods and services.

4 :: What are you ideas on handling store management?

Applicant should answer that store management is a very critical think, especially if you are not able to transport everything on the same day or a given deadline; you need to store the goods and services properly until it is transported to the correct destination or to the proper retailer. It involves managing and refining the goods, forecasting the process, inventory and product strategies, and their impact on store level performance.

5 :: How would you ensure that all the goods and services are being transported properly from wholesale market to retail market?

Applicant should answer that he/she would directly supervise and co-ordinate the transportation activities and material moving machine and vehicle operators and take a physical count of the goods being transported and check with the actual numbers. He/She would also keep a track of it and would cross check with his retailer suppliers for the exact number of goods and services being transported.

6 :: What are the things that you need to check in a retail market, as a first line supervisor?

Applicant should answer that as a first line supervisor, he/she should directly supervise sales workers in a retail department. He/She would get involved in management functions such as purchasing, budgeting, accounting and ensure quality of supply apart from his/her regular supervisor work.

7 :: How do you get more retailers / customers for your business? What are the steps you would take?

Applicant should answer that being in a wholesale market, he/she would plan and direct advertising and promotional activities to attract more retailer suppliers. Promotional activities like posters, contests, coupons, give-away to create extra interest in the purchase of a product or services from customers or retailers.

8 :: As a wholesaler what are the problems you would face in ensuring the commitment to your retail suppliers?

As a wholesaler, applicant should say that he/she would face production problem, growing consumption, not concentrating on important market segment, scale of operations not being proper, delivery to different stores and having some issues with suppliers and not a good relationship with suppliers. I would face these problems in reaching the target commitment to suppliers as a wholesaler.

9 :: As a supervisor for a wholesale market, what actions would you take to increase the profit?

Applicant should answer that as a wholesaler; he/she would interview the suppliers of wholesale market and negotiate the prices, discounts, transportation arrangements, and credit terms. Oversee the distribution of merchandize to different outlets and maintain adequate stock levels. Establish a good rapport with suppliers and supervise the retail outlet markets to get a better knowledge of supply chain management.

10 :: If you were a wholesaler, how would you choose a retailer to distribute your goods and services?

Applicant should answer that he/she would review the requirements of the establishments and determine quantity and the different types of purchases involved. Study the market reports, sales promotional materials, visit trade shows, factories, and product manufacturing places and understand its requirements and will select a retailer which best fits the establishment’s requirements.