Ecommerce Customer Support Executive Interview Preparation Guide
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Ecommerce Customer Support Executive based Frequently Asked Questions in various Ecommerce Customer Support Executive job interviews by interviewer. These professional questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answers posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

30 Ecommerce Customer Support Executive Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you know what Is Web Portal?

Web portal is a business gateway ex: online shopping portals, like job interview preparation portal

2 :: Explain what Is Online Shopping Application And Give Some Examples?

Online Shopping Application provides business gateway between Product vendors and Customers.
Ex: Walmart, amazon etc...

3 :: Tell me what does your professional network look like?

If you have a professional network, discuss it detail (# of contacts, people you know, their positions and what you've learned from them or how you've worked with them). If you don't have one, discuss how you would develop one (career fairs, networking events for that industry, through your existing friends, etc)

4 :: Tell me how E-commerce Works?

When a consumer wants to buy a certain product, he go to the website and selects the product he wants to buy. Once the product is selected, the consumer transaction is moved to the online transaction server where he places an order.

The information is exchanged over a secure channel through a private gateway to a processing network. The networked banks accept or reject the transaction.

All this happens in just a matter of seconds.

eCommerce is a very secure due to the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

The basic steps involved in becoming Commerce Enabled are:

☛ Getting an Internet Merchant Bank Account
☛ Web Hosting
☛ Obtaining a Digital Certificate
☛ Finding a Provider of Online Transactions
☛ Creating or Purchasing a Shopping Cart Software

5 :: Tell us how good are you at problem solving?

Describe the problem first and then discuss how you were able to fix it.

6 :: Tell us how did you recognise the level of trust or respect your team held for you and how did you ensure this continued?

Only you will know if your team really trusts and respects you. Respectful employees will usually make you coffee, hold a door open for you, properly carry out tasks assigned to them and rarely undermine your judgement.

To maintain this level of respect, you should make time to recognise your employees’ efforts, occasionally explain how you reached a solution to a problem (this can help with buy-in for larger changes or projects) and do your best to be consistently level-headed and successful in your judgement – as it only takes one slip-up to undermine your credibility.

7 :: Tell us how Does Web Marketing Create A More Personalized Approach Than Radio Or Television Advertising?

By allowing users to select the ads they would like to pursue; in radio and television advertising, the viewer or listener is more of a passive recipient of the information.

8 :: Tell us the Major Benefits Of E-commerce?

The major benefits of Ecommerce are:

☛ secure - more secure than a cheque.
☛ fast - the transactions take not more than a few seconds
☛ always on - the purchases can be made 24/7
☛ convenient - ease of purchasing
☛ reduced cost price - Reduction of Marketing and Advertising Costs

9 :: Tell me how would you define success?

Success is defined differently for everybody. Just make sure the parameters are defined by you with regards to work life balance, financial gain, career growth, achievements, creating meaningful work / products and so forth. If you can clearly articulate what it means to you that is a strong answer.

10 :: Do you know what is the Term "web Hosting"?

Web hosting is a way to gain a presence on the internet. The web hosting company should be capable of providing you with the level of service that you need to maintain your Web Store.