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Electrical engineering interview questions and answers, referred to as electrical and electronic engineering, Electrical Engineering interview questions and answers guide deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. The field interview questions and answers first became an identifiable occupation in the late nineteenth century after commercialization of electric telegraph and electrical power supply. Learn Electrical Engineering by interview questions

105 Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers:

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Latest  Electrical Engineering Job Interview Questions and Answers
Latest Electrical Engineering Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 :: Basic difference between transformer and inducter?

An inductor can store the energy but an ideal transformer does not store the energy.

2 :: In a star connected three phase transformer the

* a) Three phases are connected together at the start point
* b) Three phases are separate
* c) Neutral conductor is connected to a single phase
* d) Neutral conductor is electrically separated

Answer – a

3 :: A single-phase double-wound transformer consists of

* a) A single core mounted winding
* b) A winding that carries the difference between IP and IS
* c) A single solid core
* d) Two electrically separated coils

Answer – d

4 :: One method of insulating windings is to use

* a) Shelac
* b) High reluctance silicon steel
* c) Low frequency dust cores
* d) PVC

Answer – a

5 :: The usual method of insulating core laminations is

* a) Low reluctance silicon steel
* b) Surface oxidization
* c) High frequency air cores
* d) Cellulose paper

Answer – b

6 :: If a motor is required to start against a large starting current, it is usual to use

* a) Direct on line starter
* b) Face plate starter
* c) Step down centre tapped starter
* d) Rotor resistance starter

Answer – d

7 :: In a shunt-wound motor the field coil is connected in

* a) Series with the armature
* b) Series with the motor
* c) parallel with the armature
* d) parallel with the motor

Answer – c

8 :: When the field windings of an electrical machine are not connected to its own armature, it is known as

* a) Self- excited
* b) Polyphase
* c) Separately-excited
* d) Synchronous

Answer – c

9 :: With a star-delta starter, the windings are brought out to a terminal box. The voltage applied to the windings at starting is

* a) VL ÷ v3
* b) VL x v3
* c) VPhase ÷ v3
* d) VPhase x v3

Answer – a

10 :: Particular starting arrangements are used when a motor has a rating greater than

* a) 370 microwatts
* b) 0.37 watts
* c) 37 watts
* d) 370 watts

Answer – d

11 :: An isolator built into a panel is used for

* a) Normal load switching
* b) Fault load switching
* c) Short circuit protection
* d) No load switching

Answer – d

12 :: A device with a BS EN number has been

* a) Agreed for use only within the UK
* b) Agreed for operational use within the EU
* c) Standardized for all operational uses only in the UK
* d) Standardized for use in the EU

Answer – d

13 :: Q8 BS 7671 provides appropriate advice on

* a) Heights of panels
* b) Design of panels
* c) Environmental conditions
* d) Instrumentation

Answer – c

14 :: What degree of protection is specified for protection against a BS finger?

* a) IP4XB
* b) IP5XB
* c) IP6XB
* d) IPXXB

Answer – d

15 :: Which of the following is statutory?

* a) BS 7671
* b) On-Site Guide
* c) Electricity at Work Regulations
* d) GS 38

Answer – c

16 :: Which of the following are appropriate tests for a completed panel?

* a) Flash testing of components
* b) Insulation resistance and polarity
* c) Inspection of conductors for current carrying capacity
* d) Identification of conductors

Answer – b

17 :: The purpose of a switch is to open or close a circuit

* a) In the event of a fault current
* b) Under load conditions
* c) Under overload conditions
* d) Automatically after a fault has been repaired

Answer – b

18 :: A common type of cable termination used for ribbon cables in panel building is

* a) Pin
* b) Lug
* c) Insulation displacement
* d) Screw

Answer – c

19 :: A moving coil meter is not used on an ac circuit because

* a) It cannot read very small variations
* b) The direction of the deflection depends upon the direction of the current
* c) It is non linear
* d) It does not use the damping effect

Answer – b

20 :: To ensure safe isolation, voltage indicating devices

* a) Must comply with BS 7671
* b) Are used to prove the circuit dead only
* c) Are used to prove the circuit was alive only
* d) Must be “proved” prior to and “re-proved” after isolation

Answer – d

21 :: Which of the following is not a factor, which would affect the type of termination?

* a) Circuit design current
* b) Physical space around terminations
* c) Presence of solid foreign bodies
* d) Size of conductor

Answer – c

22 :: Which of the following has an adverse effect on installed equipment?

* a) Eddy current damping
* b) Air damping
* c) Ambient temperature
* d) Operating temperature

Answer – c

24 :: The purpose of a method statement is to

* a) Ensure compliance with BS 7671
* b) Identify a safe working practice
* c) Provide a training document for staff
* d) Provide instructions to be followed at all times

Answer – b

25 :: Electrostatic sensitive equipment, in transit, need not be protected against damage from

* a) High temperature
* b) Dust and fibers
* c) Moisture ingress
* d) Day light

Answer – d
Electrical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers
105 Electrical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers