Electronics Engineering Interview Preparation Guide
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Electronics Engineering frequently Asked Questions in various Electronics Engineering job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Electronics Engineering job interview questions.

185 Electronics Engineering Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain with examples of circuit protecting device apart from fuse, circuit beaker, relays, lighting arrestor, switch gears?

This question is not any kind of technical question but if it has been asked in interview the

we can say that
1) ground wire
2) insulators

can be said as the circuit protection device

2 :: Tell me does area of work only involve closed spaces?

No. Telecommunications equipment are sometimes scattered on a wide area (as one example), so you'd probably find the need to check for interference using a spectrum analyzer, etc.

3 :: Explain is RFID in developing stage? What is scope in RFID?

RFID transponder is a special kind of radio transmitter and reciever. It is activated when it receives a signal of a specific kind. RFID transponders are present in smart cards and Radio Frequency Identification tags.

4 :: Tell me what is Memristor? How many modes it works? Also what is its Advantage? How It differ from others & why the name evolve? & What is its Uses?

Memristor is a contraction of Memory Resistor it means that its store the value based on amount of Charge Has Passed through on the applied previously applied voltage it was postulated by Leon Chua from now 41 years ago and it is a 4th fundamental missing element now it can be considered as companion to RLC it gives the relation between Flux and Charge it is formally defined as rate of change of Flux with respect to Charge.

5 :: How to increase the gain and directivity of an antenna?

By increasing no of director, we can increase gain.

6 :: Explain how to measure the insulation resistance for printed circuit boards?

Because opamp having high input impedance due to differential amplifier connected at the input side which is in the range of MEGA ohms and low output impedance due to power amplifier used at the output stage of opamp.
Basically saying as opamp having high input impedance and low output impedance opamp shape shown by triangle.

7 :: Explain why do you use two ground pins in microprocessor 8086?

Two ground terminals are provided to make the pin structure symmetrical o/w it requires only 39 pins.

8 :: What is Micro controller?

Micro controller = micro processor + memory + interfacing features(ports) + additional features like counters.

9 :: How to program Micro controller?

A Micro controller can be directly connected to external devices. But a Processor needs a interface controller to connect with external input and output devices.