Marine Engineering Interview Preparation Guide
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Marine Engineering frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Marine Engineering. So get preparation for the Marine Engineering job interview

19 Marine Engineering Questions and Answers:

2 :: How the priming is done in a centrifugal pumps?

As centrifugal pump is not a self priming pump,separate
priming arrangement is required...
generally,a separate axial pump is provided for this
purpose.The discharge v/v of the centrifugal pump is
closed,and the inlet v/v is opened.The discharge v/v is
opened only after the pump is primed,that is filled with the
liquid to be pumped.

3 :: What is the different between gate valve and globe valve?

Gate valve is non regulator means full close or full open
positions only, while globe valve is regulator.

4 :: What is the purpose of o-ring, wearings in the centrifugal pumps?

O-ring : to prevent leakage between metal parts while
allowing some movement between them

wear ring : generally a softer material than the parent
material , employed to wear out quickly than the parent
metal thereby avoiding loss of parent metal

5 :: what is the difference between Mitsui MAN b&w and Hitachi MAN b&w engines?

Design and system wise absolutely no difference. Only the
license manfacturer is different. mitsui and Hitachi
kawasaki Diawoo are the different license holders for Man
B&W for making the engines

6 :: How will we know, without opening anything,that an engine is 2S or 4S?

by the arrangement of the valves two stroke exhaust
valve is situated at the top(i.e cylinder head) and there
are scavenge ports at the bottom in modern diesel
engine...whereas in four stoke the exhaust and inlet is
situated at the cylinder head.

7 :: How the power has taken from a large marine generator to the msb?

The 440v generated by the generator can be taken to the MSB
via busbars. associated with preferential trips, overload

8 :: What is the meaning of code number which is given on bearing?

bearing number ia 6205z:

6 stands for the type of bearing , ie, deep groove ball

2 standa for the the OD and width (thickness) of the bearing

05 stands for the ID of the bearing ie, 05 x 4= 20 mm bore;

9 :: In ship cranes, there is a provision of providing a conveyor for the cable. There is no provision of slip ring.
How is it possible?

There r Slip ring arrangement in cranes onboard ships. the
slip rings are present within the crane which is not seen
from outside. the power lines pass throough the centre of
the crane through slip rings. The power line u see out side
is only for grab which comes through the torsion clutch. If
there is no slip ring arrangement the crane cannot turn 360