Desktop Engineer Interview Preparation Guide
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Desktop Engineer job preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of Desktop Engineer frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many interviews

58 Desktop Engineer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me about your daily routine as a desktop engineer?

Relate examples of support to employees on their desktop systems, including network servers, desktop computers, printers, laptops etc.

2 :: Tell me what is your specialty? Have you provided desktop support for hardware, software or both?

Are you Microsoft/Cisco certified? If you are, give details. Speak about the procedures you follow to test/maintain equipment and software operation. Discuss any courses you have taken or manuals and processes you have studied, and more so, applied practically.

3 :: Tell me have you tested network and desktop systems? Have you de-bugged computerized systems?

In your answer, describe the process you took to identify and solve problems that affect computer systems. Provide examples if necessary. Tell how you test/trouble-shoot computers to ensure they function properly.

4 :: Tell me about physical setting up of hardware and software systems installation for various applications and programs?

Relate your experience in installing and testing computer systems and ensuring their proper function.

5 :: Tell us have you upgraded computer systems or offered recommendations on upgrades needed?

Describe a major upgrade in which you were heavily involved. A success story. Something you're proud about. Explain the step taken to ensure smooth upgrade. Rehearse, don't memorize; be clear and succinct.

6 :: Tell me have you trained or coached employees on computer systems?

If yes, report on the training programs you've designed and implemented for staff. Detail the manner in which you directed them regarding operation of computer hardware/software systems.

7 :: Did you generally work in a team to solve problems? Do you worked independently as well?

As a desktop engineer you must have the ability to work with others and alone. Describe how you have worked with your staff members to determine solutions to major issues. Impart as well your own individual assessments to identify minor failures and how you've used your communication skills to consult others for solutions to problems beyond your specialty.

8 :: Tell me have you been responsible for purchasing new computer systems for your organization?

If yes, explain how you've worked with vendors (suppliers) and with the procurement department. Explain methods used to assess future computer needs in the organization.

9 :: Tell me what other duties you undertook that were beyond the scope of your work. Have you interacted with the IT staff?

Communicate your ability to handle different tasks and challenges. Show how you are well versed with special systems and communicate with professionals in your area of expertise. Include coordinating with Information Technology professionals to enhance system communication, peripherals and network operation. You may also relate your experience in installing computer performance monitoring equipment.

10 :: Which Windows OS are you most comfortable with?

This is a very basic question and you can prepare your answer by researching which OS version is used by the company you're applying in. Be sure to do a little reading on the systems you are familiar with, so you can showcase your skills.