Quality Audits Question:
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What we have to do after the audit?


► Hold an auditors meeting to discuss the closing meeting content.
► Hold a closing meeting with all auditees involved with the audit. First, point out what was done well. Second, address the nonconformances and ensure the auditees understand the nonconformances and what part of the standard is not met.
► Issue the audit report in a timely manner.
► Encourage auditees to decide on the corrective actions. Allowing auditees to have input will give them ownership in implementing changes.
► Assist those responsible for completing the corrective actions with setting reasonable deadlines. The corrective action deadlines may vary depending on the severity of the noncompliance.
► Be available and willing to help the auditees.
► Ask for feedback on how you and your audit team were perceived - adjust your approach if necessary.

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