Pharmacy Technician Question:
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If 3 grams of active ingredient are needed to make 1 pint of a suspension, how much active ingredients is needed to make 1 gallon of the suspension?
A. 50 grams
B. 18 grams
C. 24 grams
D. 30 grams


B. 18 grams

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A new customer at your retail pharmacy has brought in a script for:
Percocet® 2.5mg 1-2 tab Q4°. Which of the following information is NOT required on the patients packaging label.
A. Prescription number
B. Patients name
C. Filling pharmacists name
D. Prescribing doctors DEA number
Given the name Accupril®(Quinapril), this drug is likely a:
A. ACE inhibitor
C. Beta blocker
D. Anti-diabetic