Ecology Interview Preparation Guide
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Ecology Interview Questions and Answers will Guide us now that the Ecology is the interdisciplinary scientific study of the distribution and abundance of organisms and their interactions with their environment. Learn more basic and advance concepts or get preparation of Ecology based jobs interview by our Ecology Interview Questions and Answers Guide.

139 Ecology Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Ecology?

Ecology is the field of Biology that studies the relations between living beings and between living beings and the environment.

2 :: What is a biome?

Biome is a prevailing ecosystem constituted by similar biotic and abiotic factors present in one or more regions of the planet.

3 :: What are the processes that autotrophic beings use to produce organic material from inorganic substances?

Autotrophic beings make organic material by photosynthesis or by chemosynthesis. There are photosynthetic autotrophs, like plants, and chemosynthetic autotrophs, like some bacteria.

4 :: What are autotrophic beings? What are heterotrophic beings?

Autotrophic beings are those that can produce their own food, i.e., that make organic material from inorganic compounds. Heterotrophic beings are those that need to incorporate organic material to nourish them. Therefore, heterotrophs depend on the production of the autotrophs.

5 :: What is biosphere?

Biosphere is the set of all of the ecosystems of the planet.

6 :: What is an ecosystem?

Ecosystem is a system composed of biotic and abiotic factors in interaction.

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7 :: What are abiotic factors?

Abiotic factors are the nonliving elements that constitute a given environment, like light, temperature, minerals, water, gases, atmospheric pressure, etc.

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8 :: What are biotic factors?

Biotic factors are the living beings (plants, animals, and microorganisms) that are part of a given environment.

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9 :: What is the difference between ecological niche and habitat?

Ecological niche is the set of peculiar activities, resources, and strategies that a species explores to survive and reproduce. Habitat is the place where the species lives to explore its ecological niche.

In other words, it can be said that habitat is the "address" of the species and the ecological niche is the "profession" of the species.

10 :: What is a community? What is the difference between the concepts of community and population?

Community is the set of populations of living beings that live in the same region and interact with each other.

In Ecology population is a set whose members (living in a given place in a given time) are part of the same species. Community is a set of populations of different species (living in a given place in a given time).