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English Language frequently Asked Questions in various English job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of English Language job interview

13 English Language Questions and Answers:

2 :: What is the Hindi meaning of tubelight?

parkash nalika

4 :: hsbc online test related?

This related to govt examination.

6 :: Explain what is html?

HyperText Markup Language.
just designing a web page..

7 :: how to introduce our self?

Hello sir\madam....
I'm adam .I am doing my B.sc in JBAS college
I'm from chennai.
I did my Hsc in RMGHSS and I did my sslc in the same school.


uninterrepted power suply

9 :: What is d difference between d goal and aim?

goal is the outcome you want, aim is about the trajectory,
and goal about the destination. Some examples...
My goal is to answer this question, so I aim to explain
myself clearly.

10 :: Give the synonyms of the following words
(i) Joy
(ii) Inert
(iii) Jolly

Joy: emotion of great happiness
Inert: neutral
Jolly: merry, high spirited