General Aptitude Interview Preparation Guide
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General Aptitude frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in General Aptitude. So get preparation for the General Aptitude job interview

23 General Aptitude Questions and Answers:

2 :: Explain 2-[2-{2-2-2}]?

-2 or +2

4 :: If A earns Rs.450 monthly salary and increment of Rs.25 yearly, similarly B earns Rs.600 salary monthly and Rs.20 increment. when does A earn more than B?

A's monthly income = Rs 450
A's monthly increment = Rs 25/12
B's monthly income = Rs 600
B's monthly increment = Rs 20/12
Let A requires ' x ' month to have A's salary to be equal to B's salary so,
X=12.465 years . After 12.465 yrs A's sal becomes more than B's sal....

5 :: What is the pattern for MAQ Software company?

1st Round
1.1 First prepare C language --> They will concentrate on
arrays, function and pointers, call by reference and call by
value (30 question) + Aptitude Question from R S Aggarwaal
(20 question)
(50 question 1 hour)
1.2 In Algorithm they will ask two algorithm 45 min.....
just right the logic of it
1--> If few people are electing then every time ur candidate
should win
2--> arrange books in box, if box carry weight == books
weight then take another box..... find the no of box required.
(2 Algorithm 45 minutes)

2nd Round – Two Technical Interview
IN interview one sql query(find employee name whose sal is
b/w 5k and 10k and arrange in ascending order by name), one
question on c like (prime no b/w 50, fibnocci, find the
addition of digit like 456 then u should find 4+5+6 value
etc) one reasonong question(no of square in chess board).
HTML (registration form). (In interview u can write code in
java instead of c)
(prepare on redundancy, joins , ACID property, JDBC connection)
both interview will consist same type of question.
(they will see ur confidence level)

3rd Round
IN HR( Tell abt urself ... why u want to join MAQ, What
special qualities u have?, How many hours u can work? what u
did after B.Tech.)

6 :: What is the next number in the series 3,26,15,124,?

the answer is as follows


9 :: What is difference between goal and aim?

For example we take this question,

My goal is to answer this question.
My aim is how i am clearly answering the question.

Another example:
My goal is to pass the interview and my aim is the effort
i am taking (iam learning for it )

10 :: What is ETP?

effluent treatment plants