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7 Placement Papers Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me NIC latest paper with number of questions?

NIC :topics-2011 PAPER
1.C - 8
2.C++ - 2
3.JAVA - 1
4.DBMS - 15
5.SE 15
6.STM 5
7.SPM 5
8.OS 20
9.UNIX 5
10.CO 6
11.DLD 10
12.CN 15
13.DCS 12
14.CG 5
15.MP 6
16.DS 20

2 :: Explain CTS Experinces?

CTS Test like

Anlytical ability 30 question

Verbal ability 25 questions

anlytical section,Rs Agarwal's book is enough

Verbal ability not easy

Technical Hr nice expericen

3 :: Computer Assistant (In Bhubaneswar)?

Graduation in Art's with PGDCA, DTP, Typing in Oriya, English
3 Years experience as Computer Assistant in a consolidate salary 5000.00


1) In RRDS the RRN (5) indicates:

a. 5th record to be read
b. 5th record compared to present

2) The ways to connect web applications to CICS is


4) CEDA Install can be done at
a. group level
b. list level
c. program level

5) Adapting pseud-conversational dialogue

6) Exception or Normal execution Return Code of an Exec CICS statement is
stored in

7) When task fails, CICS CANCEL only the failing task, then back out any
changes. This process is called

8) Sync point is caused by which of the following

9) MVS logger reads the log backwards. (T/F)

10) LPA stands for

11) Serial connections in server-to-server communication refer to function

12) In a user initiation once all transactions automatically forwarded to a
remote server is complete, user need
not send a CANCEL request to stop its processing (T/F)

13) Some Characteristics of transaction processing are

14) Some of CICS domains are

15) ______ feature(s) of OO enables easy and customization of code. This
statement is

16) CICS ensures ______ by back out changes all changes before failure.

17) In EDF, User Display get displayed_______

a. after pf6 b...

18) ______ is licensed forward recovery program from IBM.

19) Which of the following is recovery mechanism of CICS
a. forward recovery b.backout

20) Which CICS transaction can be used to test application programs

21) CEDF allows to overtype the argument values while debugging (T/F)

22) Immediate shutdown allows back out of recoverable resources.

23) A request in MRO access data through

24) Some of the benefits of EXCI are

25) Some of terminologies used in CICS intercommunication

26) IOERR is _______ error

27) Logical connection between CICS and ERM is called ____

28) Hierarchy of database records i DL/I is called

29) ______ is example of an expected condition

30) _______ transaction is a CICS and DB2 interface

31) Not a CICS command

32) Which of the queue dataset defined statically

33) Definition of TSQ can be found in table

34) Destination ids of TDQ are present in Table

35)______ read is destructive read

36) Debugging information is stored in which queue

37) ____ command allows deleting TSQ

38) Some of server to server communications are
remote procedure call, remote transaction generation

39) Which CICS transaction enables to look up to CICS error message online

40) Isolation property of a CICS transaction is ensured by

5 :: Trylogic Interview Paper Questions!

1. Describe the .NET framework architecture.
2. Explain about the Object Oriented Features of .NET.
3. Explain about Polymorphism and write a program to demonstrate Polymorphism.
4. Explain about Access Specifiers.
5. Write a program to demonstrate Two Dimensional Arrays.
6. What is the difference between .DLL and .EXE files?
7. What are the differences and comparisons between Console, Windows and
Web Applications?
8. What is a provider and explain all available providers in .NET?
9. Explain how can we connect to Database using small program?
10. What is a Command class and explain with available methods?
11. How can we execute stored procedures from front-end application with
12. What are the DataSet and DataAdaptor and explain with available methods?
13. How can we know the Machine name?
14. How can we connect to another machine (LAN)?
15. Explain any five classes from System namespace?
16. Write a program to handle different types of exceptions (min 2).
17. Write any 4 properties and 3 methods of TextBox control with syntax in
Windows Applications.
18. What is the use of CommandBuilder Class and explain?
19. Explain the differences between Boxing and UnBoxing with example?
20. Explain about Web Services, WCF services and WPF?
21. What are the DataBound controls in ASP.NET? Give example to bind the data?
22. Explain how many ways we can provide security to a particular website
ASP.NET website?
23. Explain about Session, Cookies and QueryString with syntax?
24. What is Ajax? Explain briefly?
25. Explain about Master Pages and its importance in ASP.NET?

6 :: Tata Technology Placement Paper Pattern

For the preliminary selection there were 2 tests -
1. Aptitude written
2. Technical written
These were done in sets.
1. Aptitude consists of 30 questions. 5 questions of English consisting
mainly of fill the blanks with idioms and phrases, no questions of DI, many
of reasoning like who is taller etc. , 5 GK questions in field of sports
Indian geography etc, many of Quant, all summed to 30.

2. Technical test also consists of 30 que. some of them were on advance
java like JNDI, struts etc, few were on c/c++, major of them were on basic

The criteria for selection was 60% . 51 of us got selected.
Then we were called for GD.
The topics of GD were simple such as Facebook, Impact of cinema on
youth,Are women good managers etc.
All they look for is your confidence,Fluency and some good points.

Then comes the tech Interview.
Whole resume was scanned by the interviewer and major focus was on the
major and minor projects.
All that was written in Resume was asked including any tech presentations,
hobbies, interests.

Then was The HR interview. Just be confident and don't tell a lie.
Questions asked were -
Tell me about yourself
Hobbies & Interests
What provoked you to join our Company?
Efforts done to remove your weakness