DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Interview Preparation Guide
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Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Frequently Asked Questions in various DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Interviews asked by the interviewer. So learn Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) with the help of this DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Interview questions and answers guide and feel free to comment as your suggestions, questions and answers on any DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Interview Question or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

26 DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Questions and Answers:

1 :: A pre-trip inspection should be completed:

1. at least once a week.
2. if any problems occurred the last the time the vehicle was operated.
3. before operating the vehicle.

Answer :C

2 :: What should you do when you are driving at night?

1. Make sure you are driving slow enough so you can stop within the range of your headlights in an emergency.
2. Roll down your window so that the fresh air will help keep you awake.
3. If you are sleepy, drink coffee or other caffeine products.

Answer :A

4 :: When a coolant container is part of a pressurized system, you can:

1. check the coolant level of a hot engine.
2. safely remove the radiator cap and add coolant while the engine is hot.
3. use water only in the cooling system.

Answer :A

5 :: When you are parked at the side of the road at night, you must:

1. warn others by turning on your 4-way emergency flashers.
2. put your warning devices out within 15 minutes.
3. use your left turn signal lights to give warning to other drivers.

Answer :A

6 :: Containerized loads:

1. are exempt from hazardous materials restrictions.
2. are exempt from weight limit restrictions.
3. can generally be used when freight is also being carried by either ship, rail, or both.

Answer :C

7 :: Water can safely be used on which of these fires?

1. Chemical.
2. Gasoline.
3. Neither of the above.

Answer :C

8 :: What are the requirements for wearing a helmet?

1. Passengers only are required to wear helmets.
2. All motorcycle riders and passengers are required to wear helmets at all times.
3. Helmets are not required while driving on city streets.

Answer :B

9 :: Grabbing the front brake or jamming down on the rear brake:

1. Can cause the brakes to lock.
2. Is the best way to stop in an emergency.
3. Is the best way to slow down when the streets are wet.

Answer :A

10 :: Passengers on motorcycles should:

1. Put their feet on the ground when the motorcycle is stopped.
2. Not ride without a back rest.
3. Should sit as far forward as possible without crowding you.

Answer :C