Psychology Interview Preparation Guide
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Psychology Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Psychology is an academic and applied discipline involving the systematic. Psychology often scientific, study of human mental functions and behavior. Learn basic and advance concepts of Psychology and get preparation of Psychology jobs interview by our Psychology Interview Questions and Answers Guide.

120 Psychology Questions and Answers:

1 :: According to Erik Erikson, the major developmental task during adolescence is to achieve a sense of

* a) Competence
* b) Responsibility
* c) Integrity
* d) Identity
* e) Intimacy

Answer - d

2 :: Current research suggests that a sense of self-efficacy is most likely to be associated with

* a) A high degree of social compliance
* b) A low threshold for emotional arousal
* c) A stable external attribution style
* d) An external locus of control
* e) An internal locus of control

Answer - e

4 :: The concept of functional fixedness refers to the fact that

* a) Experts solve problems intuitively while beginners solve them by trial and error
* b) Solutions to problems often occur suddenly after an incubation period
* c) Individuals differ in their ability to visualize how objects will appear when rotated in space
* d) Individuals often do not see unusual uses or applications for familiar objects
* e) Learning under partial reinforcement is very resistant to extinction

Answer - d

5 :: Which of the following illustrates a variable ratio schedule of reinforcement?

* a) Receiving five dollars weekly for completing household chores
* b) Receiving a grade of A on every paper submitted in a course
* c) Winning the lottery after playing many times
* d) Receiving a dollar for each mile completed in a charity walkathon
* e) Being given increased use of the family car after reaching age 18

Answer - c

6 :: During REM sleep, which of the following is most likely to occur?

* a) Slowed respiration
* b) Sleepwalking
* c) Stable blood pressure
* d) Decreased heart rate
* e) Suppressed muscle tone

Answer - e

7 :: Visual negative afterimages are one result of

* a) Sensory adaptation
* b) Simultaneous contrast
* c) Spatial summation
* d) Brightness oversensitivity
* e) Color intensity

Answer - a

8 :: Which part of the cerebral cortex receives information about temperature, pressure, touch, and pain?

* a) Motor cortex
* b) Prefrontal cortex
* c) Temporal lobe
* d) Occipital lobe
* e) Parietal lobe

Answer - e

9 :: The region of the brain most involved in the experience of emotions is the

* a) Cerebellum
* b) Basal ganglia
* c) Limbic system
* d) Reticular activating system
* e) Parasympathetic nervous system

Answer - c

10 :: In psychology, which of the following is most appropriate for identifying cause and effect?

* a) Participant observation
* b) Survey methodology
* c) The case study
* d) Experimentation
* e) Co-relational techniques

Answer - d